Where is the best fantasy fit for Dalvin Cook? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens examine potential landing sports for running back Dalvin Cook who is set to be released by Minnesota after 6 seasons. Hear the full conversation on the “Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast” - subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript


- I think Miami is the most obvious, right? He's a clear upgrade. He's got, obviously, a history in the region, for whatever that's worth. Not a lot, right? But it's just a ripe spot, and Coach McDaniel obviously knows what to do with talent. It would be great.

I think the essential thing to realize with Dalvin is that he's like he's as good right now as he's ever going to be again, right? 28 years old. We're not talking about, like, an ascending player. He's probably not going to return to the level that he was at in 2020, is still a good running back.

Everything looked good last year. When the line was banged up, he wasn't great, had some inefficient games. But overall, it was a good season. All the yards after contact, per attempt numbers looked good, the missed tackle numbers looked good. He's not like in precipitous decline or anything like that. Like, we can feel good about Dalvin Cook going into this year.

I don't know that he ends up in Denver, but I think you should file away the fact that there was real talk about Denver as a destination because that just adds to the concerns about Javonte Williams that have been there for months, right? People have Mattison right now, it's a great time to shop him, right? There's going to be a little bit of excitement about him.

There's still a bunch of other-- there's still some musical chairs that are going on at the running back spot, right? Like, something could still mess this up for Alexander Mattison. He's a good player without being, like, an elite rusher or anything like that, and guys like that are always dangerous. So I think it's a good day to shop Mattison. I think you ride this out. Like, if you think you're a contending team this year with Dalvin Cook, you should just-- you're not going to find something better than Dalvin Cook.

- Yeah. And I don't even know that you'd get, like, necessarily-- I don't even know you get like a first round pick next year for Dalvin. Because everybody knows, like yeah, what you said, Andy, that this is probably the last year that you're going to get anything really, really great out of him.

And the landing spots are interesting. Definitely agree that Jets would be an outright disaster. Cowboys would be pretty problematic for-- it would be super problematic for Tony Pollard. Although, I still think they do need something else in that backfield behind Tony Pollard. I think Cook might be-- I think if you're Tony, but I think you're kind of hoping that Zeke comes back. I think you're kind of hoping for a Leonard Fournette type of back.

Dalvin Cook I think is a step above-- a step or two maybe above those two guys at this point that he would come in and legitimately threaten Tony Pollard's early down workload, and that would be problematic, even though I think they do need a second pitch for Tony Pollard.

Denver, I still just don't know where we stand with Javonte Williams, right? He got in some more participation than I think people expected in recent practices, but I just feel like, you know-- and I've had a lot of Jerry Jeudy discourse that I didn't want over the last few days, I just feel like everything's on the table for Sean Payton in terms of who's going to play what roles, who's actually important to him on this offense, and if any of these dudes are even going to be like on the roster next year, other than Marvin Mims, his guy. I think that's about it.