WH Covid-19 adviser presses Congress to 'step up' and come together to defeat virus

White House adviser for Covid-19 response, Andy Slavitt, appeared on “The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth,” Sunday, and discussed the difficulty the Biden administration is facing in trying to get everyone in America vaccinated.

“Congress needs to step up,” said Slavitt. “I think it's shocking to many people that this isn't considered universally an emergency and that money for vaccinations, money for schools isn't, like, a 96-4 kind of vote. This is not something that should break down on party lines.”

Slavitt hopes the GOP and Democrats can work together to stop the virus that has already claimed so many lives.

“I think people around the country want to be vaccinated,” said Slavitt. “They want to see their schools open safely, and those things can't happen unless congress gets involved. This is not a solo. This is an orchestra. If you want to defeat Covid-19, it's the Boston symphony orchestra and we have to be the Boston symphony orchestra.”