Weird Al doesn't know why 'The Walking Dead' used his song 'Another One Rides The Bus'

Last Night Now

Weird Al took a break from living in an "Amish Paradise" to swing by Conan. And while he was there they talked about The Walking Dead season 8 premiere.

Weird Al's song, "Another One Rides the Bus," was featured in recurring dream sequence during the premiere episode. In fact the main character, Rick, specifically says, "I didn't put that song on."

Weird Al said he knew the song was going to be featured. He explained to Conan, "They ran that by me beforehand and I said 'I don't understand it but I'm sure it will work in the context of the show.' Then I watched it last night and I was like, 'I still don't get it."

Even though he didn't understand why it was in the show, the comedic singer was glad it was on the show. He said, "The only thing I gleaned in this from that is in the post apocalyptic world, my music will be the only thing that survives."

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