The Week in Numbers: dancing on the debt ceiling

STORY: From how the U.S. dodged a default, to a new member of the trillion-dollar club, this is the Week in Numbers…

$31.4 trillion was the official ceiling for U.S. national debt, but now isn’t.

''Yeas are 314. The nays are 117. The bill is passed.”

Lawmakers approved a bill lifting the ceiling, just days before the government would have started to run out of money.

The bipartisan compromise deal left no one totally happy, but averted a potentially catastrophic default.

$1 trillion was, briefly, the value of U.S. chipmaker Nvidia on Tuesday.

Though they later fell back below that level, shares in the firm have soared on bets its chips will power the AI boom.

6.1% was the surprisingly low level of inflation in the euro zone in May.

That was below analyst forecasts, and fueled bets that the European Central Bank could ease off on rate hikes.

31,384 was the closing level for Japan’s Nikkei stock index on Friday.

That’s its highest close in almost 33 years.

Japanese stocks have been boosted by optimism over the U.S. debt deal, and signs that the new Bank of Japan chief is in no hurry to exit ultra-easy monetary policy.

And 25% is how much Goldman Sachs says trading revenue could slump this quarter.

The Wall Street titan warned it would cut more jobs as a result.

This year it’s already done its biggest headcount reduction since the 2008 global financial crisis.