Week 8 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: Post-Halloween Gore

Were you ready for a Monday night full of Darrel Williams, only to see his red zone opportunities lost to...Derrick Gore? Judge Andy Behrens feels your pain.

And while Derrick isn't actually Frank's son like our friend Paul joked, his stellar performance was certainly similar to the OG (original Gore) we all know and love. But that also meant terrible fantasy losses for managers like Robbie, who needed more Darrel, and less Derrick. Brutal, bro.

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Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, we are back with the segment that-- you don't want to be involved in this segment. I barely want to be involved in this segment. This is where we talk about your most gutting, heartbreaking, agonizing fantasy losses, normally related to the Monday night debacle. This right here is Fantasy Bad Beats. And as usually happens, the Monday night game gave us all sorts of terrors and horrors and nightmares.

- (SINGING) Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies.

ANDY BEHRENS: It was an ugly close game. Of course, we had QB Neil Downs at the end. We had Daniel Jones getting sacked at the end and hurt a bunch of people. There were a lot of things involved in this game, including mid-game injuries, all kinds of turnovers, all kinds of reasons that hurt fantasy managers.

Nothing hurt quite as much as the Daryl Williams situation, which is to say, Daryl Williams was only kind of sort of involved for the Chiefs. We thought, we assumed-- many of us assumed, I certainly assumed, needing 20-plus points from Daryl Williams in a couple of different spots-- that he would be something close to a full workload back. But instead, something, someone named Derrick Gore.



Derrick Gore was the centerpiece of the Kansas City Chiefs' red zone offense on a couple of possessions in the first half. It's summed up really well by our friend Paul. Paul wrote in, "Frank Gore's son coming out of nowhere and getting a touchdown." Yes, he did. Derrick Gore scored a touchdown on a nifty little cutback. If you were watching the Manning cast at the time, you heard Michael Strahan say, "hold up, Frank Gore is in the game?"

Look, I've looked into this. I've had my research team look into this. I've had my best analytics people on it. It turns out there is no relation between Derrick Gore and Frank Gore, none whatsoever. Who knew? This is not a false identity that Frank Gore has assumed. This is not Frank Gore's grandson, not his son. I saw all your questions about this. No. No known relation whatsoever.

Derrick Gore is an independent human being who is now running the football for the Kansas City Chiefs, and he was pretty good. He looked pretty good. Double-digit carries in this one. Over 40 yards. Again, he found the end zone. He's tied to a great offense. We're going to have to place some waiver offers for him. He's apparently legit. He's part of the replacement plan now for Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

And he ruined so many fantasy plans on Monday night. It was an absolute mess if you needed just anything out of Daryl Williams, which, again, I did. Poor Robbie did, poor Paul did. A lot of us did. Didn't happen. That, my friends, is a terrible defeat.

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