Week 7 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: The bye week blues

Six teams on bye during Week 7?! Ouch.

Well, if 'Byemaggedon' left your lineup bare and vulnerable for a beatdown, then you've come to the right place. Judge Andy Behrens is here to help you commiserate with fellow fantasy managers who were also stuck without their superstars.

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Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRANS: We are back with the segment that you want to avoid at all costs. This, of course, is the place where we detail all of your most painful, agonizing, never-gonna-play-this-damn-game-again fantasy losses. This is "Fantasy Bad Beats."

As everyone knows, we're coming off the worst bye week in memory, at least, certainly, the most painful bye week that I have ever experienced, and I am ancient. I have been playing this game a long time. Six teams were on bye in Week 7, and all were, to some extent, fantasy powerhouses. We were without four of the top-10 fantasy quarterbacks, four of the top-seven fantasy running backs, 10 of the top-30 wide receivers, two of the top-four tight ends, and three of the top-five kickers. Our lineups, they took a hit.

It was ugly out there. It was a nightmare. It also resulted in some absolutely epic fantasy losses, like, historic, record-setting margins. League records were broken in Week 7. This week, we not only had the usual nail-biters, the kneel-downs, all of the agonizing defeats, but we had teams losing by 50, 60, 70 fantasy points. It was ugly out there. We see you, Bills Chihuahua, and you, Brandon, and Diamante, and you, Valucious, and poor Soy lost by, like, 100 fantasy points.

But, really, special shoutout to the worst loss that I saw related to the byes. It was Larry Wright, who ran out of droppable players. I feel you there. So he went without a kicker in the lineup, which seemed like a perfectly reasonable decision, probably, on Sunday morning, and then he lost by literally an extra point. He needed any kicker to do anything and he gets a win. I don't even blame you, Larry, honestly. I had two leagues just like this myself. One, I went without a kicker. One, I went without a tight end. Fortunately, unfortunately, my losing margins in those leagues were so great that it could not have been bridged by five kickers.

But, like, who, do you drop to fill that spot? Do you drop Ekeler? Jefferson? Josh Allen? Zeke? No. You can't drop any of these guys. Had to use an empty spot. It's unfortunate. This is just a terrible way to lose. But it's behind us now, people. There are plenty of painful losses ahead. I promise you that. But the byes, they can't hurt us quite like that anymore.

Remember, when things don't go your way in Week 8, hit up your friends at "Fantasy Football Live." Use the hashtag #FFLBadBeats. Maybe we'll feature you in this terrible segment.

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