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Week 11 over/under, touchdown celebrations, and a Hollywood star’s fantasy football obsession | Ekeler’s Edge

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Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler and Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy Expert Liz Loza discuss the fantasy community’s reaction to the Chargers calling Larry Rountree’s number for a 1-yard touchdown over Austin in week 10. Liz and Austin play a game of over/under featuring three rising fantasy stars and their week 11 matchups. Finally, actor and fantasy football fanatic Tom Everett Scott explains his passion for the virtual game.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: How many leagues are you in, Tom?

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: So, much to the chagrin of my wife, I'm in 12 leagues.



AUSTIN EKELER: 12 leagues?

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: It didn't start out this way.

AUSTIN EKELER: I don't think you're a fan anymore. I think there's a problem.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: It's a hobby.

AUSTIN EKELER: Oh, right, right.


LIZ LOZA: What is up, everyone? Welcome to "Ekeler's Edge." I'm Liz Loza, and this is, of course, Chargers running back, fantasy football superstar, and a man who has his face printed on a pair of socks-- Austin Ekeler.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, if you actually see those socks, it looks nothing like me. I'm about 50 shades too dark. But, hey, I like the concept. They're trying, they're trying, so we'll take it. But, hey, welcome back, everyone. Looking forward to another great episode here with Liz.

LIZ LOZA: Yes, we do have a great show for you. We'll critique the latest touchdown celebrations from Austin's Chargers, play over/under with a few red hot roster additions, and visit with actor and fantasy football super fanatic Tom Everett Scott.

All right, Austin, I don't really like doing this this way, but we have to mention your Chargers 27 to 20 loss to the Vikings. You started the season 4 and 1, but since then you guys have dropped the last 3 of 4. So what happened? What's going on?

AUSTIN EKELER: You know, I don't like to sound like a broken record, but it really comes down to consistency. But let's dive in a little bit more, because you can't just keep saying that, right. I feel like, you know, during the beginning of the season, I think we just came out hot, as far as-- we were on it. We were running the right routes. We were making those tackles on defense. We were catching those balls for third downs. We were aggressive. We were going for it on fourth downs, and we were converting.

Now I see that we have a little slump. We're having a little drop off. If I could tell my team why, I wouldn't keep it a secret. In the NFL, the team that makes the least amount of mistakes will win the game. I don't care what your record is. I felt like we definitely played hard enough to win that game, but we didn't play well enough. So put ourselves in the mirror and correct it. And look at yourself and say, hey, I'm not playing well enough. What do I need to do? And make steps to make it better.

LIZ LOZA: From a fantasy point of view, you reached the end zone with a third quarter touchdown reception. You have at least one touchdown in six of your nine games. However, you know how the fantasy community can be. There are a couple examples of managers who were less than pleased with Larry Rountree's goal line leap.

AUSTIN EKELER: It's always fun to watch, and see some of the reactions to the game. I see the SpongeBob meme. But let's diagnose it here. When we get in goal line package, we're running downhill. We have Larry Rountree. He's a rookie. Weighs like 220. So coming downhill, he has a lot more mass than I do, when I'm coming in at 195. So for that reason, I think he would just be a better goal line back.

And for my usage, as far as me and my longevity of the entire season, I feel like hey, let's take those off my shoulders. So that was the reason for, you know, Larry getting his first touchdown. And shout out to Larry for getting it in there. I was happy for him. Always a great moment in the NFL. I still remember my first touchdown.

LIZ LOZA: Please, Austin, continue to be healthy. And don't mind all the chatter, SpongeBob or not, you know.

AUSTIN EKELER: Right. Right, hey, all these tweets that like-- availability, you guys, availability is the best ability, especially in fantasy.

LIZ LOZA: I have to ask you about the touchdown celebrations. We'll get to yours in a second. But what do you think of Larry's first career celly?

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, so Larry-- Larry is definitely one of the guys that's very out there and very eccentric, especially about his fraternity back in college. And so they had a stomp, and that was part of it. For us, it was Larry being Larry. But for the world, they kind of got to see some of his personality come out. And so that was great. You know, he got his dance in there and got his game ball. I know he sent it back home to his mother. And I was like, man, that's what it's about.

LIZ LOZA: What about you? Was that inflatable guitar a plant? Did you have that planned to be there, Austin?

AUSTIN EKELER: So there was an inflatable guitar, like, in one of the suites on the bottom row, that I saw before the game. Like they were- when I was warming up, they're like, Ekeler. And they're, like, playing it. And I was like, OK, if I score down here, I'm definitely running over there, and we're going to play that thing. And so, sure enough, catch like a 2-yard touchdown.

And it was funny, because Herb actually got mad at me. He got mad at me because he wanted to celebrate with us. And so I ran over there. I played the guitar, and ran back. He's like, Ekeler, we're celebrating over here. I was like, hey, hey, man, let me hit my little thing and then I'm coming back. But I was like, hey, next time I'll celebrate with you first, then I'll go hit the inflatable. But yeah, that was perfect.

LIZ LOZA: How about a little fantasy over/under with three players on the rise. And first, let's start with Cam Newton, who-- per Matt Rhule-- is taking first team reps in practice, ahead of this Sunday's game, where he'll take on his old coach, Ron Rivera. Are you going over or under 2 and 1/2 total touchdowns for Cam Newton, in his Carolina return?

AUSTIN EKELER: I'm going over, and here's why. I think there's a--


AUSTIN EKELER: --really big opportunity for Cam Newton here. Going against Washington, who's been struggling against the pass, just as far as allowing quarterbacks to be efficient. And I think, you know, another hidden touchdown that Cam could get in there is just his running ability, which we saw this last week. Obviously has Christian McCaffrey back, which is going to help tack on some potential of scoring, you know, from anywhere. So I think he's got a really prime opportunity. And I think he's going to get, yeah, over 2 and 1/2.

LIZ LOZA: I am with you. We're in lock step on this one. It's a little bit concerning, because if anybody knows him well, it's Ron Rivera. So the defense could be schemed up to stop Cam's particular skill set, but they just suffered such a loss. And they have definitely underwhelmed expectation, even before Chase Young was hurt.

So I imagine 2 through the air and 1 on the ground, though I don't think he clears 40 rushing yards. I think it'll probably be a lower rushing yard total than people are anticipating, but he's going to manage to find the goal line. He's going to stomp his way in like he does.

All right, next up, let's discuss AJ Dillon. Prior to week 10, he was logging a snap share of about 33%. Last Sunday, however, he recorded a career high 21 carries. Most of those came in relief of Aaron Jones, who exited early with an MCL sprain. This week, the Boston College product is expected to start at Minnesota. That's obviously a defense you just faced. So do you think he is clearing 100 total yards?

AUSTIN EKELER: Wow, the guy has massive quads. But, man, 100 total yards? I'm actually going to take the under on this one. And I know he had a reception for 50 yards last game, which basically put him over. But just as far as him, in the receiving game, I know he hasn't been the most consistent, as far as popping long ones like that. So, yeah, I just don't see him hitting that 100 yard mark this game.

LIZ LOZA: I think that's fair. But I was encouraged by Dillon's usage through the air. I think that he is going to see enough targets to clear this line. So I am, indeed, going to take the over in this division showdown.

AUSTIN EKELER: Is it too late to go back?

LIZ LOZA: We got one more. Michael Gallup returned in week 10, after missing eight weeks with a calf injury. He converted 3 of 5 for 42 yards. This week, he'll face the Chiefs. The issue is, obviously, that Dallas has a pretty loaded offense. There's a lot of talent. Do you think Gallup goes over 74 and 1/2 receiving yards?

AUSTIN EKELER: You know, he's just coming back off of injury. And they've been rolling, basically without him, right? So I don't know if this is his week. I don't know if this is his week that he's going to pop off. I think he's definitely going to get some action, which, you know, he saw last week, with five targets. I think he's going to be involved.

But I think it's still going to be CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper, Zeke, Tony Pollard. I think they're still going to be running the show for a few more weeks out, before Michael Gallup really is in there making an impact like he used to. And like we know he can. So I'm actually going to take the under.

LIZ LOZA: Interesting. We are not in lockstep on this one. I don't think he's going to see a ton of targets. But he is the team's field stretcher. He averaged over 14 yards per reception last year. And I think, in a match-up against the Chiefs-- that, by the way, has the highest over/under, per BetMGM, of the week, at 55 and 1/2, currently-- there's going to be a ton of scoring. So do I think Gallup clears five receptions? No. Do I think he gets 75 yards? Yes.

We are so excited to welcome an actor that you know from such films as "That Thing You Do!," "Boiler Room," and "La La Land." But what you might not know is that he is obsessed with fantasy football. Mr. Tom Everett Scott, thank you so much for joining us.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Thank you for having me. Hi, guys.

AUSTIN EKELER: I always am interested to hear about just people that are outside of the football world that are fans of fantasy football, so glad to have you on.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I love talking about fantasy football. I've been playing since I was in college.

AUSTIN EKELER: Since in college, OK. How did you get into it?

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Since college. Which, I know it's hard to tell, because I look so young, but that was a long time ago. But I got into it because actually a friend of mine, who I'm still in a league with-- his name is Bruce Jacobson. He's an ad exec. He lives in New York City. And he still runs this league. And he started it freshman year, in 1988--



AUSTIN EKELER: It's still running strong, huh?

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Yeah. But back then, you had to, like, look up the stats in the back of the sports section in the "USA Today."


TOM EVERETT SCOTT: It's so much nicer today.

LIZ LOZA: How many leagues are you in, Tom?

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: So, much to the chagrin of my wife, I'm in 12 leagues.



AUSTIN EKELER: 12 leagues?

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: It didn't start out this way.

AUSTIN EKELER: I think, I don't think you're a fan anymore. I think there's a problem.

LIZ LOZA: Wait. Is that including like, Best Ball and Dynasty--

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: It's a hobby.

AUSTIN EKELER: Oh, right, right.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Does it include Best Ball? No, it actually doesn't include Best Ball or FanDuel, which I play like, probably like, four or five FanDuel contests a week.


LIZ LOZA: You should try playing on Yahoo--


LIZ LOZA: --we do have a DFS game, Tom. Yeah, we don't say the f-word here.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Ah, we don't say the f-word here? OK, got it, got it, got it. OK, so some other DFS site, will go unmentioned. But I'll start playing Yahoo.

LIZ LOZA: Tom, do you have Austin on any of your teams? Any of these 12 teams?



TOM EVERETT SCOTT: None of my-- that's why I'm losing, Austin.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, he might be looking for someone to trade.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: In one of my leagues, I absolutely want to trade for you. I have, like, a bunch of receivers, and I don't have enough running backs. And the guy that has all the running backs has you. And he doesn't have good receivers. So I'm like, oh, I should trade one of my good receivers for Austin Ekeler.

LIZ LOZA: What kind of packet are we looking for? Let's help you out. We got Austin here.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: There's one problem though. The person that has Austin Ekeler on their team, I'm playing against. And I don't think he's going to want to give you up, and then face you.

AUSTIN EKELER: Right, right.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: So we'll see. But it is my brother-in-law, so maybe I'll be able to work something out. You know, like maybe I can take his kid to school for a week, or take him on, like-- you know.

AUSTIN EKELER: There you go. That's awesome.

LIZ LOZA: Thomas Everett Scott, thank you so much for joining us. We loved having you.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Thank you, Elizabeth Loza. It was a wonderful experience. Austin-- it's such a pleasure to meet both of you. Yeah, I'm just a huge fan of both of yours. And so this was a great honor for me.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, thanks for jumping on. And you know, good luck the rest of the day. I know you're going to be scrambling, getting all your lineups ready for this next week.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: Yeah, I'm like already behind, guys. Thanks.

AUSTIN EKELER: We greatly appreciate it, man. I hope you have a great rest of your day.

TOM EVERETT SCOTT: You too. Take care, guys.

LIZ LOZA: Whew. Well, that was a jam-packed episode. I feel great right now.

AUSTIN EKELER: Yeah, that was a good one, as always, though. As always.

LIZ LOZA: As always. And good luck on Sunday, when you welcome the Steelers to SoFi.

AUSTIN EKELER: I appreciate it. Good luck, everyone in this week's match-up, unless you don't have me on your team. Then I hope to beat you.

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