Week 1 Player Props

Andy Behrens, Matt Harmon and Tank Williams offer up their favorite player props for Week 1.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, it's a new season, which brings a new segment to "FFL." It's time to Bring the Props. We each highlight a favorite prop bet and decide if we agree or disagree. That's pretty simple. Matt, get us started.

MATT HARMON: All right, boys, I'm going over 46 and 1/2 receiving yards for Rashod Bateman in week one. Man, I really love Bateman as a player. Everybody knows that. I'm super high on him as a guy that can be a pretty big difference maker for the Ravens.

I mean, they haven't had a receiver like Rashod Bateman who's a true X receiver, who can win off press coverage, can win deep down the field, short, intermediate, is a true number-one future X receiver for Lamar Jackson. I'm taking the over here on 46 and 1/2 in week one. I think this is the lowest it'll be set all year.

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah, I feel like I'm going to agree with it just for the simple fact that the target share in Baltimore is going to be really small anyway. It's going to be between Mark Andrews and Rashod Bateman, so I'll go with that, yeah.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I'm on board with this as well. I'll take the over on this one. We know that it's Andrews. We know that it's Bateman. We don't really know who the number-three option is there. My prop this week, I'm sticking with that Niners-Chicago game, and I'm going with Eli Mitchell. This one has actually moved to 61 and 1/2 rushing yards. I got it earlier in the week at 59 and 1/2 rushing yards.

I don't see any way he doesn't hit it. First of all, the run is going to be in play all day for the Niners. Number two, he rushed for 137 yards against Chicago last year. That was a game without George Kittle in it. He might get this total, I think, by halftime in this thing, and I think he definitely exceeds it. He actually hit this number eight times last year, basically every time he was healthy. Tank, do you agree?

TANK WILLIAMS: I actually tweeted this out on Tuesday as a prop that I was in love with, so absolutely I'm with you, Rev.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I'm with you too, man. I'm with you too. I think this is an easy over. I think he could get 100 in this game. All these player prop lines for the 49ers are too low here in week one, weather notwithstanding.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yep, agree. Tank, what do you got?

TANK WILLIAMS: Well, I'm going with Kyler Murray over 257 and 1/2 pass yards. I actually liked it when there was 269 and 1/2 earlier in the week. When you have Kyler Murray going against the third splash brother, as I like to call him, Patrick Mahomes, we're expecting a lot of firepower in this matchup. It has the highest total on the slate.

And with the Kansas City Chiefs defense giving up the sixth-most passing yards per game in 2021, I feel like just the competition of playing against Patrick Mahomes, the game flow is going to easily get Kyler over this number. So I feel that this will be pretty easy money as far as Kyler Murray getting over 257 and 1/2. Thoughts?

ANDY BEHRENS: Can we get more agreement between Harmon and Tank?

MATT HARMON: No. No, I'm not with Tank on this one. I think Kyler Murray struggles here in week one. He's missing DeAndre Hopkins. He's missing Rondale Moore. Whatever. I mean, Rondale Moore, listen-- actually, that might help him throw the ball further downfield not throwing it to fake wide receiver Rondale Moore. But nevertheless, I think the Cardinals struggle to get off the map here in week one, even though usually the early part of the season is their Time

ANDY BEHRENS: Poor Rondale Moore. He's not even playing this week, and he's taking abuse from Harmon. I'm going to take the over on this. I actually like Murray in a shootout of a game. At least he's got Hollywood Brown. He's got a healthy Zach Ertz today. So I do think he gets there.

We will see who's right and who's wrong next week. We'll track our wins, our losses, our sweeps all season. And eventually, we will crown a Bring the Props champion at the end of the season.