‘Walking Dead’ fans are freaking out about the Hilltop walkers

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On The Walking Dead, Negan’s plan to infect Hilltop residents with walker blood worked to perfection. With Negan nowhere to be found (Remember he’s Jadis’s captive), Simon led the assault on The Hilltop. Injured Hilltoppers turned in the middle of the night and attacked people in their sleep. Some fans couldn’t handle the carnage.

Others wondered how everyone slept through the walkers’ approach.

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While some were just happy to see another mass walker attack.

But the attack didn’t last long. Rick, Daryl, and the gang showed up to crash the party, saving who they could. Sadly, one of the first to turn was Tobin. After the battle, Carol sat down to talk to him and it seemed as though there might be a future between the two. Instead, Carol pulled walker Tobin off of a Hilltop resident he was attacking, and stabbed him in the head.

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