'This Is Us' fans are shocked over plot twist ending that no one saw coming

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This Is Us finally gave us some closure to the long awaited mystery of how Jack Pearson died. Sunday's post-Super Bowl episode picked up where the last left off with the Pearson family waking up to their entire house engulfed in flames. Jack, the amazing husband and father that he is, rescued his family one-by-one. However, right when Jack was about to escape the house himself, Kate's dog Louie was heard barking from within the fire. Rebecca begged Jack to not go back inside, but the desperate look on Kate's face was all it took to send Jack running back into the flames.

Nevertheless, Jack eventually made it out of the house with Louie and a pillowcase of the family's photo albums. Unfortunately, Jack suffered second degree burns, so he and Rebecca went to the emergency room. It was there that Rebecca received the worst news of her life. "Mrs. Pearson, one of the complications of smoke inhalation is that it puts a terrible stress on the lungs and therefore, the heart. Your husband went into cardiac arrest. It was catastrophic and I'm afraid we've lost him. Mrs. Pearson, your husband has died," the doctor told a disbelieving Rebecca.

Even though we've spent the last two weeks preparing for this episode, we really weren't ready for it. In fact, This Is Us fandom was so woke, that they went as far as to edit the "smoke inhalation" Wikipedia page. One of the edits read, "can be avoided if you don't go back in for the dog!"

The episode ended with Randall telling his eldest daughter, Tess, that she was his number one. "You're the little girl that made my life somersault. So, even if we get another foster kid. Even if we get one tomorrow, you will always be my number one. And you will live with me until you're 25. And even after you move out, you will have dinner with me once a week near your fancy office, and you will tell me everything." This Is Us then flashed to the future, revealing that Tess grows up to be a social worker herself. The surprise flash forward was a first for This Is Us, and fans were totally freaking out. One person tweeted, "When you survive the entire episode about Jack dying, but break down during the last scene between grown Tess & Randall".

So, while the writers completely broke our hearts, at least they gave us something to find solace in. And that is- knowing that Randall is alive and well in the future.

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