Two-time Olympic gold medal-winning boxer is eliminated on 'The Masked Dancer'

On The Masked Dancer semifinals Wednesday, the Sloth, the Tulip, the Cotton Candy, and the Zebra each performed for a shot in the top three. However, the Zebra did not manage to get a spot in the finals because, well, he only had stripes. So, who was the mystery celebrity under the Zebra mask?

The Zebra was none other than world-renowned boxing legend, author, and two-time Olympic gold medal-winner Oscar De La Hoya.

While we are used to seeing his footwork in the ring, De La Hoya, who announced last year that he is ending his retirement to resume his boxing career, shared that dancing as a zebra on The Masked Dancer stage was almost the same thing, except that "being the Zebra's a lot tougher."

Following his unmasking, viewers were so excited to see De La Hoya, as they were totally impressed with his dancing skills.

So with the Zebra eliminated, we are down to our final three masked dancers, who will battle it out for the Diamond Mask trophy during next week's two-hour season finale.