Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson brought to tears over emotional night on 'The Voice'

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When we last left The Voice, Team Gwen’s Kyndal Inskeep had won her Battle Round against James Violet, but coach Gwen Stefani had attempted to save James, while John Legend had attempted to steal. Whatever would James decide??? This Tuesday, that mini-cliffhanger was resolved when James — despite the fact that Gwen had set aside her one Save for him, and as a result had inadvertently let another great singer, Kiara Brown, slip away — ultimately defected to Team Legend. “I am so horrified,” Gwen lamented. “Nothing that I had planned out for today went as I planned. I can't believe I lost James. We had such a good thing going.”

Yes, Gwen was disappointed, but it was later in the evening, during her Battle between team members Jessie Lawrence and Rose Short, that she was reduced to tears. Everyone was reduced to tears, actually. Gwen was crying. Kelly Clarkson was crying. Rose was crying the instant she was introduced to guest mentor, and she cried again when coach John Legend praised her performance. Jessie and Rose may have been singing the Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face,” but many people on the show were feeling their tear ducts Tuesday night.

Both Jessie and Rose have harrowing backstories (Jessie spent his childhood in foster care; Rose, a 34-year-old former corrections officer, grapples with insecurities about her looks, weight, and age), so their emotions were heightened during rehearsals. This was especially true for Rose, whose eyes quickly welled up again after told her, “When I saw you, I was like, ‘Wow, she powerful. She command attention.’ You may think you fighting something, but somebody else looking at you like, I need that in my life.’”

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And so, the story arc was clearly set up for the blossoming Rose’s teary-eyed triumph. Her happy post-performance tears brought tears to Kelly’s eyes, which, in turn, brought tears to viewers' eyes. One fan tweeted: "When Kelly cries, we all cry,” while other fans were just generally verklempt, like one person who tweeted: "Everyone on #TheVoice is crying so of course I'm crying. #stopthat."

But there was no need to shed sad tears for Jessie just yet. This was a very evenly matched Battle, with both contestants bringing the power-vocals and swag, and so Gwen of course used that one remaining Save — the one rejected by James — on Jessie. When Gwen’s offscreen boyfriend/onscreen rival Blake Shelton hit his button to steal Jessie, Gwen freaked out so wildly, I thought she was going to start crying tears of rage, but it was all good: It turned out Blake had only done this to demonstrate his support for Jessie. “I'm not gonna make a pitch to you because [Gwen’s] the coach for you, but I wanted to show you how much respect I have for you and how much you deserve to be on this show, dude,” he explained. And his thoughtful gesture had everyone sobbing all over again.

Aw. Blake’s a real keeper. And so is Jessie, apparently, because he stayed on Team Gwen.

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