Twitter reacts to shocking eliminations as 'American Idol' reveals top 24

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The top 24 American Idol contestants were revealed Monday night and while some received a life-changing yes, others were sadly eliminated.

Fans were forced to say goodbye to some of their favorites, like Thaddeus Johnson, who experienced the same cut, during the "Final Judgment," eight years ago in Season 9. "There's so much talent that we have to spread through 24 slots," Lionel Richie told Johnson. "We all think that now is the right time. In this case, my friend, now is not the right time." And with a nod to his killer performance Sunday night, Katy Perry assured him, "Thaddeus, you'll rise." Thaddeus was, understandably, devastated as he shared through tears, "I finally felt like I was getting something right. Getting a 'no' just feels like, you know, guess I didn't do enough." Johnson was the contestant Idol fans were most upset about as they took to social media, tweeting:

"Thaddeus being cut was the worst decision! He deserves to be there #AmericanIdol"

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"This is some B.S. that Thaddeus did not make it. One of the truly best singers on the competition. SMH. #AmericanIdol"

"American Idol? More like mediocre idol. How did Thaddeus not go through?"

Fan favorite Noah Davis, also known as the "alpaca kid," who struggled through his last performance, was also sent home and one fan on Twitter has already started a campaign to get him back.

"Retweet if you want @AmericanIdol to bring Noah Davis back. @noahdavis50 #noahdavis #AmericanIdol"

And the judges also said goodbye to American Idol's first "Idol baby," Victoria McQueen.

Surprisingly, Perry's boy crush Trevor Holmes was also cut Monday night. Not so surprisingly, not many on Twitter seemed to care. That is, except for Holmes himself, who started his own campaign to get back onto the show.

"I'm just gonna leave this here.. #bringTrevorback @AmericanIdol"

But while we have to say goodbye to those contestants, the final 24 are sure to bring the heat next week as they compete alongside some of their favorite celebrity artists.

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