Trump's evangelical pastor explains why he left advisory board

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On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, the host sat down with Pastor A.R. Bernard, who spilled his guts about being the only member of President Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board to resign. Pastor Bernard left shortly after Trump's reaction to the protests in Charlottesville because he did not condemn White Nationalists or the KKK. Prior to that, things were already pretty shaky. When asked by Bee, "How many seconds were you into the council before you realized, whoops, we're not going to effect change here?" he said, "Meeting two."

Pastor Bernard had hoped to be an influential minority voice on the advisory board but over a dinner with Trump, he found the president's listening skills to be a bit lackluster saying, "It was like a person who was so fascinated with being where they are, that that was the most important thing."

Bernard encouraged his fellow Evangelicals to hold the President accountable for his actions and despite those actions he could see a silver lining. "I interpret it as a Saul," he said, "Someone who was put into power not at the desire of god but as a concession to the people and who ended up exposing the spiritual and moral condition of the nation."

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