Trump lawyer argues against showing video of insurrection at impeachment trial

David Schoen, one of former President Donald Trump’s new impeachment lawyers, hired after his former legal team quit, reportedly because Trump wanted them to repeat lies about election fraud, appeared on Hannity Monday night where he made an interesting argument concerning the upcoming trial. Trump is accused of inciting the deadly insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, of which countless hours of video exist. Schoen argued that video of the insurrection that his client is accused of inciting should not be presented at the trial.

“Does this country really need to see videotapes? We know now, apparently, that Mr. Swalwell and the other managers intend to show videotapes of the riots, people calling in, people being hurt, police officers talking. Why does the country need that now?” Shcoen asked. “We would stipulate that there was a riot that went on that day. It was a tragedy…This had nothing to do with President Trump, and the country doesn’t need to just watch videos of riots and unrest.”