Tony Pollard leads by example as the Cowboys’ new RB1

The Dallas Cowboys running back spoke to Yahoo Sports NFL reporter Jori Epstein on how he’s adjusted to taking the lead running back role with Ezekiel Elliott’s departure. Tony joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Chili’s Wing Worn Jersey contest.

Video Transcript


JORI EPSTEIN: Hello, I'm Jori Epstein with "Yahoo Sports," and I'm so excited to be here today with Dallas Cowboys running back, Tony Pollard, in partnership with Chili's. And you're coming off a game with 25 rushes, 32 total touches, a heavier workload than you had had in the past.

How different is the running back room this year? Zeke was that veteran leader for so long. You're the top dog in terms of experience now. So I guess, what is your role, or are you a little more vocal in the running back room or lead by example? What does it look like?

TONY POLLARD: I will say I've been a little bit more vocal lately. But for the most part, I'm going a lead by example type guy. Just watch how I approach the day, how I work out, attack the day as far as training, practices and things like that. And then just tie it into the game, and then just going from there.

JORI EPSTEIN: What's an example of a time you've been vocal in a meeting recently? Like a tip you gave to Rico or Deuce or you guys were watching film.

TONY POLLARD: Just helping guys out, whether we're at practice or we're looking at game film or just looking at a play that they just ran, just they may come to me and ask, you know, what did I see on the run, or if I saw it the same way that they saw it. Just that little feedback.

JORI EPSTEIN: For sure. Is there one of those plays that you remember that they asked you about?

TONY POLLARD: For the most part, it's at practice. Just looking up practice film and just guys coming up and asking like, what did you see on this play, or you feel like I made the right cut or just little things like that.

JORI EPSTEIN: You got Zeke coming to town in a couple weeks when the Patriots play. What will that be like for you, and how excited are you to see him?

TONY POLLARD: That's going to be big. I know that's going to be a big one for Cowboy Nation, just having him back in the building, getting back in there, being able to talk with him a little bit. But it's going to be a big game. We're looking forward to it.

JORI EPSTEIN: Absolutely. And last, but definitely not least, tell us about your work with Chili's, their boneless wings, and I believe even a special jersey you all have in store.

TONY POLLARD: I'm Tony Pollard. Every Monday at Chili's is buy one, get one free boneless wings. I'm partner with Chili's now to promote the boneless wings. And we'll be giving away one of the Chili's wing one jerseys that I happened to be wearing during my shoot. You can enter by sharing a picture of you eating boneless wings at Chili's, whatever Chili's location you're at, and tagging Chili's under the picture and using hashtag #chiliswingswornjersey.