Tom Brady on his connection to Josh McDaniels, Jimmy Garoppolo and the Raiders

Yahoo Sports NFL Reporter Jori Epstein is joined by 7-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady to discuss the connections he has to the Las Vegas Raiders, the team he just bought a minatory stake in.

Tom Brady joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Hertz.

Video Transcript


JORI EPSTEIN: You recently bought a stake in an NFL team, specifically the Las Vegas Raiders. What went into the decision to buy a stake? And why specifically the Raiders?

TOM BRADY: I think we're still in this approval process. Nothing is--


TOM BRADY: We have not technically signed on the dotted line yet. So, look, I love being part of the NFL. I don't think that anyone's-- look, we may be considered owners, but we're really stewards of these amazing organizations that provide our communities a lot of joy and hope. And the fact that I can be involved in the NFL as a player and then hopefully as an owner would be a tremendous opportunity for me to do great things.

So I just see it as a way to give back to our communities, like we've done. And I've seen the way that sports transform our communities. Even in the Midwest, when I was in Ann Arbor, the way that our team in football was able to-- you know, we had 112,000 people show up to our games. Then I went to New England, and I saw when we'd have victory parades how many people would skip school and skip work to come out to watch us.

So sports do a lot for us in our communities. And I love being a part of it. And hopefully, I'm a part of it from now like I was in the past all the way through the end of my life. So fingers are crossed. I don't know how long that's going to be. But I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

JORI EPSTEIN: Yeah. Assuming it all does go through, can you envision yourself talking to Jimmy about the offense? I imagine you still know Josh's system very well.

TOM BRADY: I was part of Josh's system and-- for a long time. And he and I have an incredible working relationship. And I know Jimmy very well too. I've known him for nine years. And he's a very talented guy. So I'm always pulling for him, and I've always pulled for him. He's had a great career. And-- but every year, we got to go out there and prove it.

As whatever role you're in, in any job, in any profession, and whether it's a sports team or not, you got to go out there and you got to earn it every day. You can't just say, oh, well, it went great last year. That means it's going to go great this year. You have to continue to grow, and you have to continue to learn. You have to continue to work and be a little bit better.