Titans going all-in on Will Levis | Zero Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and NFL writer Charles McDonald dive into the support the Titans put around QB Will Levis and whether those bets will pay off. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

I am fascinated by the Titans this year because they have shown that they're all in on seeing what this will Levitt experiment at least turns out to be, uh we've seen a lot of young quarterbacks get into situations where they don't have the veteran town around them to really hit the ground running and flourish a little bit.

But I don't think you can say that about Will Levis.

I know the, the Titans that got laughed at a little bit for like how much they paid Calvin Ridley or going out to sign a running back like Tony Pollard.

But you're, you're in information finding mode.

You have deandre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, Tony Pollard TJ Spears Cockwell at tight end is a CASA player and you go out and you draft your left tackle the future where JC Latham with the seventh pick given them a chance.

Now, will they pay off?

I don't know.

I, I think that that's, that's um that's kind of tough project without seeing like what will Labott looks like in the preseason.

But man, it's, it's, it's tough to say that they haven't given him like every chance to win this year.

If you think there's any chance, Will Levis is the guy.

So who cares about your owner's money?

Your owner went out and spent some money fine.

They spend that money.

They bring in enough talent.

Now you're gonna find out you're gonna know one way or the other.

If he chokes, if will Levis can't do it.

Well, you're probably going into the draft next year hoping you can find a quarterback again.

I don't think that's a great class, but that's what you're hoping, but at least you've given yourself the opportunity to get the most accurate answer to this.

Like you're not putting him with a bunch of bums and then delaying it another year where you're like, yeah, but he just didn't have any good wide receivers around him.

We gotta get this, we gotta get that like you, you're eliminating all of the yeah, buts and you're getting a definitive answer and if he's not the guy, then whoever is drafted next year or whatever quarterback they bring in has a much better room to deal with as they're looking at and they're like, hey, this, so it's this sort of like let's build a solid foundation and then see if we have the right quarterback.

If we don't, we're gonna have an easier time when we get the right quarterback