Tina Fey accidentally trips while trying to surprise a fan on 'The Tonight Show'

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On The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Fallon surprised fans who believed they were just filming messages for Fey, and it was a trip to say the least. Fans were invited to the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway where Fey’s play Mean Girls is currently showing to make the video, and one fan in particular got quite the surprise.

As Fey was preparing to come out from behind the curtain she yelled, “Hannah,” then tripped on her pants and fell. Though she said she really did trip, Fey compared it to a Carol Burnett pratfall. Fey then proceeded to do some kind of pseudo crawl to the fan, despite Fallon trying to tell her to get up. Instead, Fallon joined her on the ground as he coaxed the fan to do the same saying, “Hannah, get down here. Hannah, get down here.”

Once the fan got on the ground things only went from bad to worse. Fallon introduced them, “This is Tina. Tina, this is Hannah.” Fey reached for her and said, “Hannah.” “Hannah” then replied, “I’m sorry. My name is Megan.”

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