Timothy Liljegren's stock has never been higher ahead of Leafs return

The Maple Leafs look like they need Timothy Liljegren back in the lineup, yesterday. Liljegren is on a conditioning stint with Marlies but following four straight losses, the Leafs defence is in urgent need of reinforcements.

Video Transcript

- But recently, I've been putting out this Timothy Liljegren Bat-Signal because we need him desperately. Liljegren had an injury over the offseason. He's starting to work his way back. He's on a conditioning stint with the Marlies and has actually looked pretty solid. Looked comfortable, was calm, looks poised, throwing hits, not separating players from pucks, getting points, and all that type of stuff. And that's great because the Leafs desperately need him in the lineup.

I think that-- and I'm not saying that Liljegren is like the missing piece that will solve everything, but I do think the Leafs will be a better team with Liljegren in the lineup because it puts him in a position to help the top four, assuming that's where he is, and also is an opportunity to push players back. Again, Justin Holl has been iffy. Filip Kral just made his NHL debut, and he's look steady. But you know, again, he is still learning the trick of the trade.

So you know, if you have Liljegren up and ready to play, I think that makes the team a better team to play with, considering the fact that it looks like Liljegren is kind of entering his prime as a defender. And if he can hit his prime at the right time, then the Leafs will be better for it.