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Time for Leafs fans to give up glorifying Original Six Stanley Cups

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In the aftermath of a recent survey that revealed that most NHL fans find Maple Leafs fans the most annoying, fervent Toronto supporter Omar suggests it's time for his fellow fans to stop using the 13 Stanley Cups won during Original Six competition as a go-to comeback when being chirped by other fans.

Video Transcript

- One thing that I will say that is kind of annoying to see that I see Leafs fans do this all the time. Any time, like, there are arguments between, like, Canucks fans-- or, like, actually, it happens to Canucks fans all the time-- is that, like, Leafs fans will say, like, oh, oh, oh, where's the cups? Where are the cups?

Stop it. Stop. It drives me nuts when these fans, like, try to say, like, well, we have more cups. Stop it. You know-- you-- stop it. I hate when--

SAM CHANG: Play out that entire argument, right?

- Yeah.

SAM CHANG: It goes, where are the cups? It goes--

- Yep.

SAM CHANG: --you haven't won cups since '67.

- Yep.

SAM CHANG: It goes, you burned down your city twice. And it's like--

- Yep.

SAM CHANG: --OK, we're just gonna repeat these arguments.

- Same thing, yeah.

SAM CHANG: --forever.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Until we die.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Like, come up with something else.

- Honestly.

SAM CHANG: Those are the laziest possible things. I'm like--

- Yeah.

SAM CHANG: --yeah, from time to time, I make a "you haven't won since '67" because it's right there. But, like--

- Yeah.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: --if you mean it seriously--

- Yeah. And also, it's just, like, I don't like it being used as, like, in the chirp arsenal for Leafs fans because it's like it's that long. Like, the last time-- the Leafs haven't won since they expanded from six teams.

That's not something--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: That sounds worse.

- You can't-- you can't--


SAM CHANG: I'm gonna put that. I'm gonna--

- You can't use that.


- You can't--


- You can't use that as a chirp. So every time I see that happening, it's like, stop it. I get it. But stop it.

If you Google search "Leafs 1967 picture," it's in black and white. When they have to-- when they-- when they do, like, the whole hype thing--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I'm sure you could colorize some of those photos, you know?

SAM CHANG: You know, what's gonna happen now, Omar, is I'm gonna pick a fight with a Leafs fan. And every time they bring up one of these arguments, I'm gonna respond with a clip of you--

- Yep.

SAM CHANG: --making these arguments.

- Fine, yeah.


- And it's [INAUDIBLE]-- because, literally, I see it all the time. And I'm like, stop it. Why are you doing that? Stop it. We don't have anything to chirp about. So just say OK.

That's why-- I remember when we lost last year to Montreal. Any time I would have, like, a tweet making fun of another team, I would know the comeback. So I would reply as a chain what the comeback is.

Like, so, you know, we get it. We understand. You know, it's fun. It's annoying. We are definitely unhinged, 100%.

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