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It's time to drop all Cleveland Browns receivers | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

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As the Browns continue to be a run-first offense, Yahoo Sports' Scott Pianowski and Andy Behrens give us an unfiltered breakdown of Cleveland's struggling receivers, including one Odell Beckham Jr. - who remains scoreless in 2021.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: How many receivers are ahead of Ja'Marr Chase right now on the sheet? I mean, I think Kupp is-- right now in a redraft, if you were starting fresh, I would take Henry first. I would take Kupp second. You are allowed to take Ja'Marr Chase anywhere from three on. You could take him over Adams. You could take Adams over Chase. I think that's a coin flip. Tyreek Hill, no. DeAndre Hopkins, I think you should still try to trade him. He still doesn't have a double-digit target game. And Stefon Diggs is fine. I mean, Chase right now is my number three receiver, and I really could have him at number two.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, it's kind of wild. A little thing I was tweeting about yesterday, like I legitimately think that maybe Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase are the one-two in some order if we're drafting a dynasty roster right now, at least at the wide receiver position, right? They both played on the same damn college team just a couple of years ago. I can't think of many players that I want ahead of them. So, yeah, you beat me to it. We talked about Burrow last week on the pod and valuing him rest of season.

So is Chase overall, is he-- like if we're just redrafting right now from scratch, is he in the first half of the first round? Is he in the middle of the first round? Where does he go overall relative to all the other running backs too? Because this is ridiculous. He's on pace for over 1,800 yards on the season, and he's basically scoring a touchdown per week. And it-- I don't know. We're deep enough in right now. We're seven games in. It's legit. We're not having fun with on-pace numbers anymore. We're at nearly half the season.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: You hit a key phrase. We're seven games in. It's time to stop thinking, oh, is Cordarrelle Patterson like a legitimate thing. We're deep into October now. Yes, Cordarrelle Patterson is a real thing. The funny thing about Kupp-- I believe I-- I forget who mentioned this on Twitter. I believe his yards per target would easily be the highest in history. He's not getting targeted off-- you would think, oh, the way he's playing, he should be getting targeted off the bus. Tee Higgins had 15 targets yesterday. They're not even forcing the ball to Ja'Marr Chase, which I think they're perfectly within their rights to do.

ANDY BEHRENS: Right, it's only within the last couple of weeks that Ja'Marr Chase even has double-digit targets.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: And, man, look, also I wasn't as emphatic about this as some people, but I thought Cincinnati maybe should have taken an offensive lineman, maybe should have taken Sewell. The idea being, OK, you already have some pretty good receiving talent here. Joe Burrow got beaten up really good in his rookie year. Obviously, it ended with an injury. So it wasn't that I was like, you can't take Chase. I thought Sewell was the right pick. I leaned Sewell. I wasn't making my Twitter brand all about, oh my God, the Bengals screwed up again. Nothing like that. So, you know, old takes exposed. They probably have plenty of material with me. You know, once they find out I took Metcalf over Adams, they can have a good laugh about that.

But, yeah, the Bengals are fun, man. I, by the way, have-- I don't think I have Ja'Marr Chase anywhere. I'm just enjoying this as a fan. And I'm hoping when he has the next 200 yard, two or three touchdown blow-up-- you mentioned Jefferson. I mean, this is a Jefferson season. This is a Randy Moss season. This is a season where he just toys with the NFL, and you just hope it isn't coming at your expense. I've been fortunate enough that my opponents haven't had that much Ja'Marr Chase. I'm sure it's coming. There are storm clouds rumbling. It just hasn't fallen on me yet. But sometimes a player-- like Jefferson, I don't think I had any Jefferson last year. But the guy was so much fun, how could you root against him?

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I've got-- I don't mean to say that I-- I mean, I got a million things wrong in the preseason, right? I don't even know how many things--

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: You always do.

ANDY BEHRENS: --I got wrong in the preseason. But one of the nice things about fantasy football is you only need to get a couple of big things right. And--

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: That's a great point.

ANDY BEHRENS: --I got the Ja'Marr Chase versus Tee Higgins thing right. And I'm gonna end up getting the Cooper Kupp versus Robert Woods thing right. And those are just two of the huge hinge points basically of 2021 fantasy football, I think.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Oh, yeah. You know, the thing with Kupp, we knew he had touchdown upside. He was one of the three players who had double-digit touchdowns two years ago. We know he's a great route runner. But he got comfortable with Stafford so quickly. Those guys eat breakfast together. And McVay, with all those crossing routes and those combination routes, they don't just scheme for Cooper Kupp. They scheme so Cooper Kupp is wide freaking open. It looks like the defense has been told Cooper Kupp has a communicable disease. Do not go near him. He's covered in toxic waste. You don't want any part of Cooper Kupp. He's got radiation.

Whatever it is. He's always open, and he's got a profile to score touchdowns. He's got double-digit targets in every week. Again, DeAndre Hopkins, week seven, he doesn't have a double-digit target game the whole season. Kupp, all he has is double-digit target games. That's such an overwhelming weapon. Again, my rule of thumb on these things, if the Kupp trade offer you've been fielding is not an overwhelming yes, it's no.

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