The three Rocks of 'Young Rock' reunite to talk fanny packs, getting shredded, and ‘staches

In the new NBC sitcom Young Rock, a future Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who in this alternate reality is running for president, looks back on his life in a series of interviews with actur-turned-journalist Randall Park. Playing his younger selves is Adrian Groulx (The Rock at 10), Bradley Constant (The Rock at 15), and Uli Latukefu (The Rock from 18-20).

These three young Rocks recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about playing the wrestler-turned-actor-turned-maybe-president.

"I saw it right away that he just adored his dad," said Groulx of his character's love for his dad, wrestler Rocky Johnson.

Constant plays a slightly awkward high school Rock, complete with a feathery thin mustache. "So my last audition, I didn't have the 'stache yet. They had to glue it on for that and it started flapping off," he said. "So I grew my actual 'stache before we started shooting."

Watch more from the stars of Young Rock in the video interview above.