Tesla to 'recall' 1 mln cars in China

STORY: Chinese watchdogs are making Tesla do what they call a “product recall”.

The U.S. automaker has said it will deploy software updates to more than 1 million vehicles.

It will include changes to braking methods and more warnings about the use of accelerator pedals.

That’s according to the regulator’s announcement on Friday (May 12).

While Chinese regulations defined the action as a "product recall", it was unclear if drivers might need or would be eligible, to return vehicles to Tesla for refunds.

The regulator’s statement said that from May 29, Tesla will issue over-the-air software updates to 1.1 million units of its Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y cars.

This includes both imported and China-made models.

It said the concerned vehicles did not allow drivers to turn off regenerative braking, which works to recoup energy from the process of slowing a car.

The cars also did not provide enough warnings when drivers stepped on the accelerator pedal hard.

Those factors combined could increase the risk of collision.

The update will restore the option of switching off regenerative braking and warn drivers when they step hard on the accelerator pedal.

Chinese police are currently investigating a fatal crash involving a Model Y, with the car's brake function a key focus of the probe.