'Survivor' fans crown a new queen after epic tribal council

Yahoo Entertainment

A transaction of epic proportions went down on Survivor, Wednesday night. Two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine, aka the Queen, thought she was going to take advantage of Denise Stapely but her maneuvering ultimately led to her downfall.

Sandra approached Denise and offered to trade her immunity idol for Denise’s two fire tokens. Sandra told Denise she was going to be eliminated and an immunity idol was her only chance of being saved. But what Sandra didn’t know was that Denise already had an immunity idol.

During the double-elimination tribal council, fan-favorite Parvati Shallow was the first contestant to be eliminated. Before the next name was read, Denise played her immunity idol just as Sandra expected. But Sandra didn’t expect Denise to also play an immunity idol for her friend Jeremy, who was also on the chopping block.

In a shocking turn of events it was Denise who voted Sandra out. The move surprised fans everywhere and many took to Twitter to congratulate Denise and crown her as the new “Queen of Survivor.”

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