South Carolina Dad Transforms Old Golf Cart Roof Into Awesome Sled

Some lucky kids in South Carolina had a blast being pulled along on a sled made out of an old golf cart roof, windshield, and seat on January 16.

Footage recorded by Haley Tollison shows her husband Chad bringing their two kids and their friends along for a ride on his fun invention.

“It was my husband’s idea,” Tollison told Storyful. “He has a full-time job, but he rebuilds golf carts as a hobby. So he has a ton of golf cart parts in our garage so that he always has parts on hand for golf cart projects.”

“He thought a golf cart top would make an excellent sled, so he began building one. We had a forecast for a lot of snow on Sunday (a rarity in SC) so he built the sled in about 30 minutes on Saturday night,” she wrote in an email.

“Our kids were super excited about the sled, but were even more excited that it was big enough that they could ride together with all of their neighborhood friends,” Tollison added. Credit: Chad and Haley Tollison via Storyful

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