'Do something with it': Scottie Barnes on why he did a 360 dunk vs. the Wizards

Raptors forward Scottie Barnes discusses why he scolded a teammate for not getting more fancy with their breakaway a few games ago and how he decided to do a 360 dunk vs. the Wizards.

Video Transcript

- Barnes disrupts it. Siakam, lead pass. Scottie B., with Wright trailing, spins and flushes it.

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- How do you decide to do a 360 dunk in game? When does that decision made?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I think when I saw the ball come up in the air. I remember the last game when I was out. I think either OG or Pascal had a fast-break dunk, and I said, do something. That was weak. He did a simple one-handed dunk. So I think, when I got it, that just automatically clicked in my mind that I had told him that, so I was like, I gotta do something. I really wanted to do a windmill 360, but I just went for a simple 360.

- Seemed like OG gave a little something when he had his chance, and then after--

SCOTTIE BARNES: He saw me have it. I think he was about to do a 360, too, but he didn't want to be like me, so he went with something different.

- He went for he went for power over--

SCOTTIE BARNES: But that was still a nice dunk, where you bring it down.

- Who's the best dunker on the team?

SCOTTIE BARNES: The best dunker on the team? I would say Precious. Precious got a lot of power. I feel like he can do a lot of tricks. He's very athletic. So I think Precious. I wouldn't give it to myself, but I'd say Precious, probably.

- Why wouldn't you give it to yourself.

SCOTTIE BARNES: I don't really got bounce like that. I don't got bounce. I got a 40-inch vert, but I don't really know how to do the tricks.

- You've got in-game bounce.


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