Sisqó reveals inspiration behind "Thong Song" and how MTV reined in his risqué music video

Sisqó's smash hit "Thong Song" is ingrained in the pop culture of the early 2000s. And a new VICE documentary explores the song's unique origins and how it became a phenomenon.

The singer/rapper/dancer recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about how he came up with the catchy hook and how he had to fight with MTV over his risqué music video. In fact, he suggested a creative workaround to show off skin and skirt the censors.

"I was like, what if we put [the thong] upside-down? Then it's not really the ass in your face," Sisqó recalled, explaining the filming technique, "then you're seeing the thong but it's not not like the [whole] butt cheek."

Watch more from Sisqó in the video interview above.