Will Sidney Crosby's absence turn tables for Rangers?

New York looked cooked until Sidney Crosby was forced to exit Game 5 with an injury. Can the Penguins rebound without their captain?

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JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Last thing here a bummer. Sidney Crosby is going to miss game six of the Penguins' first-round series with the New York Rangers after missing the majority of game five after taking a hard shot from Jacob Trouba in open ice.

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And really, there have been some outstanding performances so far in the postseason. But no injury could have a bigger effect on a series, it seems, because the Penguins were in full control, leaning on an incredible run of form from their captain. I mean, Sidney Crosby, in his four-plus games, was simply sensational, dominating the New York Rangers. And that was reflective in the run of play, the scoreboard, everything. Until his exit, it was all m despite the fact that they were down to [INAUDIBLE].

But now it seems, with Crosby out, that the Rangers are alive in the series after being almost more outmatched than any other team. And honestly, that even includes the Nashville Predators, who played a lot of-- who spent a lot of time within tied-in-one-goal scenarios with Colorado, despite being swept. The Rangers looked worse off.

We talk about a player's value boosted in times of their absence. We do that a lot with the MVP discussion. Hart Trophy nominees just went out. It's possible that it could not be more true than it is with Crosby right now, after that role of role reversal in game five.

It will be fascinating to see if the New York Rangers can take advantage of the fact that Pittsburgh's captain, Sidney Crosby, could be out for the foreseeable future in what is maybe Crosby and that core's last chance at going on a long postseason run. I mean, it could actually be opening up for them.

It's going to be tough, regardless, for Boston, with Boston and Carolina looming. The Atlantic division is very tough. But there's a path forward here for Pittsburgh, but only if Sidney Crosby is healthy.

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