Is Sheldon Keefe going too easy on Justin Holl?

Defenceman Justin Holl is frustrating Maple Leafs fans with his play this season, making too many costly mistakes yet head coach Sheldon Keefe often seems to give Holl more second chances than others.

Video Transcript


- Let's talk about Justin Holl. Justin Holl seems to be public enemy number one in the category of "things that go wrong" during the Leafs game, because unfortunately, it has ended up becoming true. Justin Holl will have some moments of really good plays-- stick checks and clearing the lanes-- and then other times, he'll take back-to-back penalties, which teams will score on, or he'll turn over the puck, or not be able to make a pass, or a puck will go off of his skate-- which isn't 100% his fault.

But it just seems as if everything that can go wrong does go wrong, which involves Justin Holl-- which is kind of harsh to say, but unfortunately, it is kind of the reality right now. And to make it worse, Keith has this trust and assurance in Justin Holl. And I don't know if it's just because of their history together, or because he kills penalties, but Holl is always [INAUDIBLE] given an opportunity to correct mistakes, and so on, and so forth.

But as the games go on and the mistakes pile up, at some point, where are the consequences? When are things going to change in that sense? And I know that the full organizational depth when it comes to defensemen isn't there yet, but right now, Justin Holl isn't helping the team. And considering how the team is playing right now, they need all the help they can get.