Shai Gilgeous-Alexander headlines fantasy basketball stock watch

Yahoo Sports' Dan Titus looks at the fantasy stock of six NBA players, including Oklahoma City’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Bucks’ Brook Lopez, Pistons’ Bojan Bogdanovic, Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard, Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Knicks’ RJ Barrett.

Video Transcript


DAN TITUS: What's up, y'all? Dan Titus with Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and I'm going to give you the Stock Watch, the stock market for who's up and who's down for fantasy basketball through week three. The first player that's exceeding expectations off the bat is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. He is number one in per game value through the first three weeks of the NBA season. He's averaging 31 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3.6 stocks while shooting nearly 50% from the field. There's always a risk of SGA being the shutdown candidate as the year goes on. But he's smashing his preseason ADP of 47.7. His stock is way up.

The next person probably wouldn't expect, but Brook Lopez of the Milwaukee Bucks, his preseason ADP was 120.7 and he's 15th in per game value, thanks to his 3.6 blocks per game that leads the NBA right now. He's easily one of the best values through the first three weeks of the season. And while his field goal percentage is a bit low at 43%, he's still putting up 13.6 points with 6.4 rebounds in 31 minutes per contest. His minutes and production both screams sell high to me, but an argument can certainly be made because you can't just get 3.6 blocks off of waivers.

The final person whose stock is up through three weeks of the season is none other than Bojan Bogdanovic. And I don't think anyone expected Bojan, this small forward, power forward for the Detroit Pistons to be providing third round value at this point in the season. He's averaging career best in points and assists while hitting 3.9, threes per game at a crazy unsustainable 51% clip. So with his minutes locked in an over 31 per night, fantasy managers, I get it. This is a prime opportunity to sell high because it's going to be very hard for the 34-year-old to maintain this value throughout the whole season. So get what you can, this might be the time to sell.

Now, whose stock is down this year? I got to point to my man Kawhi Leonard for the second week in a row, mainly because he's continuing to miss games with lingering knee issues after having arthroscopic knee surgery well over 17 months ago. He's missing more games, and he's still continuing to come off the bench. So he can't be trusted in weekly leagues. So at this point, if you spend third or fourth round value on Kawhi Leonard, you're just going to have to wait this out.

The second person that's on my stock down list is Klay Thompson. And I can't absolve him of his horrid fancy basketball play as of late. He ranks 255th in per game value. And that's because his averaging career lows pretty much across the board through the first six games of the season. Klay Thompson came into the season with a minutes restriction. But despite that minutes restriction, he's still not playing up to par and certainly a player that you're going to have to just hold. Maybe wait till he strings together a few good games, and then decide what you want to do.

And the next player on my stock down list is RJ Barrett. RJ Barrett will continue to be a solid source of points and rebounds. But he does literally nothing beyond that. His field goal percentage is at 40%. And he provides no defensive stats. And he's only hitting about 1-3 per game. So for the RJ Barrett that, you know, we're expecting to take this leap, it doesn't seem like he's doing it. You could get that type of production from someone off of waivers as he's currently 242 in per game value right now in 9-cat leagues. That's absolutely gross. Got to get better for RJ Barrett going forward here.