Would the SEC push for an 8-team playoff? | College Football Enquirer

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey stated at the spring meetings that the league is looking at an 8-team playoff model with no automatic bids for the College Football Playoff... something that could put the SEC at an extreme advantage. SI's Pat Forde and Dan Wetzel kick around the idea on the latest College Football Enquirer.

Video Transcript


DAN WETZEL: Greg Sankey said on the college football playoff, an eight-team playoff without automatic qualifiers is something we would consider. I bet. [LAUGHS]

PAT FORDE: Yeah, right?

DAN WETZEL: I'm telling you, these leagues.

PAT FORDE: Yeah. Oh yeah, he sure did say that. And, yeah, one of the things he followed that up with was if you're leaving out the number-- if you have automatic qualifiers and you're leaving out the number 18 to include the number 20 team, that isn't a good playoff.

And I can certainly see the point to that because that does run counter to the college basketball tournament. Of course, there's more teams. But still, none of the top teams are ever getting left out in the college basketball tournament, whether they win their league or not. And you could theoretically have top-10 teams left out, clearly. I mean, you could have top-five teams possibly even left out by an eight-team if there are automatic qualifiers.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, this is the risk all these other leagues took, though, because you're going to have to now deal with an SEC that wants to-- they were very generous with that last playoff.

PAT FORDE: They were.

DAN WETZEL: And you didn't take it.


DAN WETZEL: And they don't have to be as generous.

PAT FORDE: No. Yeah, I mean, the one thing that came shining through in all of this is that Greg Sankey and the rest of the league is a little bit frosted still about how that all went down.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah. Yeah, the upcoming-- and all that so you could delay it two years.

PAT FORDE: Yeah, that's the thing. Again, it's happening.

DAN WETZEL: Not getting automatic bid ended the Big East. Now maybe it would have gone anyway, but it sure as hell ended it.


DAN WETZEL: And not having an automatic bid sure didn't help the Big 12, and that thing is rocky.


DAN WETZEL: And the tide keeps rising. Or the floodwaters keep rising, and those houses on the hill that a couple of these other leagues thought they were all good with--


DAN WETZEL: That hill ain't that high.

PAT FORDE: No. No, I mean, there's one hill that's highest, and that's the SEC hill. And then the Big Ten's the next highest hill. And everybody after that should be looking for--

DAN WETZEL: The SEC is going to start fire hosing down the hill--


DAN WETZEL: --at everybody.

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