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Scottie Barnes dissects the challenges of guarding DeMar DeRozan

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Former Raptor DeMar DeRozan had a stellar night in his Bulls’ win over Toronto. Scottie Barnes, who had the tall task of guarding him, spoke about the challenges of playing against a player who excels at creating space and making the most of it.

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Video Transcript

- Hey, Scottie. I'm just wondering, obviously, you know, some of the older veterans on the team have had a long relationship with DeMar. I'm just wondering if you got any chances to interact with him or if you have anything that you'd just like to say about his game tonight?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I don't know. But I know he was one heck of a basketball player tonight. He played really good. Did a lot of scoring and to [INAUDIBLE] did a lot for the team to help them win a game.

- All right, thanks.

- We'll go to Michael Grange.

MICHAEL GRANGE: Hey, Scottie. I was going to say, the-- almost forgot my question. How did you hurt your wrist? What happened?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I was in practice and I was just shooting. And then I had, like, a little tweak in it. And then that's really it.

MICHAEL GRANGE: Got to start working on your left hand, I guess.

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah. I got to get it better.

MICHAEL GRANGE: Is it still-- is it still kind of bothering you or--

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah, a little bit, but it's fine.

MICHAEL GRANGE: Yeah. And when you were covering DeMar in the fourth, like, what were you focusing on? Like, what was the number one thing you were trying to take away?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Not really just trying to allow him to get space. Really just trying to take up the space, not allowing him to try to just get his moves, get his spacing, because he can score the ball so well when he has space. He has a deep bag where he's able to make different shots from-- that's contested, really. So I just really tried to take up the space so he couldn't really try to get it off.

MICHAEL GRANGE: [INAUDIBLE] few, I guess, [INAUDIBLE] in the [INAUDIBLE], you felt like you were doing your job, right?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Yeah, trying to not allow him to get it back, if he gave it up. But also I had help defenders helping me as well.

MICHAEL GRANGE: Appreciate it. Have a good night, Scottie.


- Thanks, Michael. We'll go to Doug.

- Hey, Scottie. Thanks for coming by. Nick's been talking all year about the need for you guys to get reps in really tough situations. And you're certainly getting a lot out of them. What are you taking away from these tight games and close, intense play situations?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Well, it's really about execution deep down throughout the game because every play is going to matter. Really just trying to just keep locking in. Really just trying to execute offensively and defensively. Trying to get stops in clutch situations.

And then just trying to really put the ball in the hole at the end of the games. [INAUDIBLE] we need each game that we play, but we just got to move on and just learn from it. Every game is a learning experience. And I'm sure we'll see it in the film of how we could just get better.

- Are you finding yourself more comfortable in these, like, two possession last minute situations as the season goes on?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I would say-- I would say I'm comfortable out there in those situations. Really it's just-- just trying to stay posed, get into our scores at the end of the game. Whoever is our scorer that game, or our player, Pascal, OG, Gary, when it comes on the line, just try to really get it to those guys. Running [INAUDIBLE] just really try to get them open and so they get a good shot. Those guys are good at creating their own shots.

- Great. Thanks very much, Scottie. And have a safe trip to Miami.

- Thanks, Doug. Those are all the hands I see for you, Scottie. Thanks very much for the time.

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