Salt-N-Pepa on being hip-hop music trailblazers

Yahoo Entertainment

The first ladies of hip-hop, Salt-N-Pepa, have pushed the music genre forward creating an amazing legacy. The female rap duo has teamed up with Milani cosmetics to launch their own makeup collection. With lip kits named “Shoop” and “Push It,” after some of their biggest hits, Yahoo Entertainment asks the group about their famous songs. “We were always underestimated in the industry.” Salt says. “Women are always underestimated in music, in corporate, in the world.”

Pepa says, “We were ahead of our time” when they released the 1991 song “Let’s Talk About Sex” followed by the 1993 tune “Let’s talk about Aids.” “Having a voice was a great feeling,” Pepa says. The ladies are still in the game and touring, but there’s one song that Salt says she won’t perform and Pepa does solo. Watch the video above to find out.

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