'Riverdale' packs a serious punch with a 'West Side Story'-style brawl

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On Riverdale, Archie was stepping deep into the dark side so he went and got himself a gun. "I want the Black Hood dead, and I want to be the one who does it," he said ominously. With his gun on him he started tagging up the southside of town with his Red Circle symbol to try and get Black Hood's attention but mostly he just caught The Serpent's attention. And when one of them wielded a knife telling him to cut that Red Circle stuff out, Archie pulled brought his gun to the knife fight.

Surprised by his own audacity, Archie confided with Veronica about the gun and she quickly told him, "I threw it in Sweetwater River."

After ticking off The Serpents with all that graffiti, the Northsiders and the Southsiders had themselves a rumble, and Archie threw the first punch. And in the middle of their West Side Story style brawl, Veronica arrived just in time, firing off a shot from Archie's gun before he got seriously hurt.

Fortunately, everyone made it out alive and after a very steamy make out session Ronnie and Archie went to put that stupid gun where it belonged, in Sweetwater River. But the Black Hood killer was still on the prowl and in the end, Betty was the one who got a reminder with a direct phone call from the killer.

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