Rick Springfield revisits 40 years of "Jessie's Girl" and the highs and lows of 1981, his breakout year

Forty years ago this year, the song "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield took over the radio airwaves. Springfield recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about the origins of the song, the highs and lows of 1981 when he achieved super stardom, and his nearly lifelong struggle with depression.

"The ’80s were a bit of a blur," Springfield said of his sudden fame and the excesses that came with it. "It's really weird when you get on a rocket ride like that."

"I have self-worth issues and it actually turned against me at some point where I'm going, 'they're going to find out I'm a fake,'" Springfield said. "And that's what led to my pulling the plug in 1995 when I just got so depressed that it wasn't doing what I thought it would do for me."

Watch more from Springfield in the above interview.