Recognizing Dr. Jen Dye

Today we recognize Dr. Jen Dye -- the inaugural Theodore Barry, director of the Nathaniel R Jones Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice at the University of Cincinnati. Dye is a 2009 graduate of UC Law, and before this position helped create the Human Services Research and Innovation Center. Dye is from South Korea and was adopted by an Ohio family in the 80s where she says she immediately recognized she was different than the people living around her. She says that fueled her passion for learning about marginalized people and influenced her life as an advocate for social justice. Although she's only been in the position for about a year and a half, Dye is already working with organizations on and off campus, and most recently received a grant from the Ohio State Bar Foundation's Racial Justice Initiative Fund. The center will work on data analysis and surveys on inclusivity for legal practitioners. In this position, Dr. Dye will bring up the next generation of leaders and advocates.