Rebel Wilson sings hilariously confusing Christmas classics with Jimmy Fallon

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Rebel Wilson gave an inspired performance when she dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She and Fallon gave a Christmas twist to the popular segment, "Google Translate Songs."

The two sang holiday classics that had been run through google translate until they were only bizarre shells of the former glory. For example, Wilson sang "Homes Are Covered," which is the translated version of "Deck the Halls."

Fallon sang a silly version of "Jingle Bells," titled "Bells Make Sound." Some of the lyrics were, "Sing a song while having a nightmare/ Oh bells makes sounds, bells make sounds, bells always make sounds/ It's funny that it's a walk in the seal of a horse hey!"

Finally the two joined forces to perform a duet of "I Ran Through the Land of Cold Unknowns." Which is a lot like the song, "(Walking in a) Winter Wonderland."

They sang, "Later ask me for advice / And we start to be asleep / To achieve peace of mind / We aren't scared of fights / I ran through the land of cold unknowns!"

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