How the Raptors can win vs. the Nets

Imman Adan discusses what has to happen for the Raptors to win on Wednesday night vs. the Nets.

Video Transcript

IMMAN ADAN: I'm looking at this next game. The Nets are the weirdest team. They can lose by 50 million to the Sacramento Kings, or they can look like an absolute dominant, power force. And what that really comes down to is their offense. Their offense is always going to be so great. Their defense isn't.

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Can the Raptors keep up? Can the Raptors keep pace? Can the Raptors knock down their 3's? That Atlanta Hawks game, no one was making 3's, no one was taking 3's. It felt like such an odd game.

YASMIN DUALE: I'm surprised they scored that much.

IMMAN ADAN: It was very, very weird because just, there wasn't a lot of 3-point shot taking and making. And just tuning into any other game in the NBA and watching Raptors-Hawks, it felt very, very different.

But this is going to be a game where the Raptors are going to need to be able to keep pace with what the Nets do. And that's going to require Fred hopefully making more than one of 11 from deep. It's going to hopefully require OG Anunoby finding that shot again because they're still going to be the two forces that really lead this team.

And hopefully Scottie can continue, leave that last-second layup behind him, that breakdown defensively in overtime behind him, and come out with the same force that he showed against the Atlanta Hawks because once again, there's no one to guard him on the Nets.

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