Raptors trade ideas: O.G. Anunoby to the Suns

Amit Mann is joined by Gerald Bourguet to analyze what potential trades could happen if the Raptors and Suns are able to agree on a trade for O.G. Anunoby. Listen to the full episode on the 'Raptors Over Everything' podcast feed or watch on YouTube.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: What is your trade for Masai Ujiri, and Bobby Webster, to ponder? We can go through a couple. I'll throw in some things. Maybe fill in some gaps if we haven't talked about it. But yeah. What's your trade?

AMIT MANN: Yeah. So I am curious about whether the-- obviously, we've talked a lot about DA. And I am curious as to whether from your opinion the Suns would prefer a DA centered package, or would they prefer like a Cam Johnson and heavier on the picks maybe package?

AMIT MANN: See, if you're asking me, because of the rumored interest that we have heard, it seems like they'd be more interested and something with the DeAndre Ayton. And they have been lacking rim protection. Like Precious Achiuwa over the past few weeks has done a pretty good job as being like a small ball five. But you're still lacking that length. That rim protector length to just negate passing angles, and make things really hard on opposing bigs. Precious is good at it. He can do it in spurts. And there could be scenarios where he is closing, and he could be that guy.

But Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic, Jonas Valanciunas, these guys need someone. So I think the Raptors are prioritizing that. They haven't had a rim protector since Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka. And they haven't really filled that hole for a long time. Me, personally, I'm not sure if I want to spend that kind of money and committed to DeAndre Ayton. However, Cam Johnson, I really like. I like Cam Johnson a lot. I think he's a really talented player. 6'8, 210, a great 3 point shooter. It's that kind of shooting pedigree, the Raptors could be lacking because we don't know what they're going to be doing with Gary Trent Junior yet. And also Fred VanVleet too. We don't know what they're going to be doing. So this is all going to be part of things that they consider. But if it was a package like, I don't know, Cam Johnson and-- what would be another name that would come to mind for you to fill in that kind of a trade?

GERALD BOURGUET: See, it's tricky. Because a lot of the-- I mean, they do have a lot of flexibility in terms of which guys they could offer. I'm guessing if they're trading Cam Johnson, they're keeping DA, Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges. And trying to build it around like expiring salaries, and then heap on like two picks or something. So one that I threw out there, Cam Johnson. Jae Crowder's expiring. And then two first rounders. I don't know if that gets it done for Toronto. If that's in the ballpark.

I mean, Cam-- like I love Cam. A lot of people here are not even sure that they want to Cam for OG. I think OG is the better player. But with him being a restricted free agent, and being able to be in control of his next contract, it's a tough one. And I do think the injury unfortunately for him kind of works against him in terms of what he's going to be able to sign for. But he has been phenomenal when he's been on the court this season.

I like that package. But if we're looking at like a DA centered trade, mathematically, like DA and Crowder for Anunoby and Gary Trent works if you heap on like three first rounders.


AMIT MANN: And that helps add a little bit of shooting for the Suns. It gives the Raptors DA and the three picks that they're rumored to want for Anunoby. I don't know if they'd be willing to throw Trent in there as well for an expiring like Crowder. But it's something to think about.

AMIT MANN: Sure. And I don't think the Raptors would be trading for Jae Crowder. I think it would be some part of some bigger trade that they flip him to Milwaukee. I think they're a team that's been interested in him. If he wasn't involved, and it was just DA, I mean, yeah. I don't know. I mean Landry Shamet. I think he's an interesting player. Only in the sense that he just would be a rotation piece, and he's under contract for a lot of years. And the Raptors don't have a very good rotation right now. It's been God awful actually. They have nearly zero guard depth.

So if the Raptors-- and this is the interesting part about the Raptors, and what they're trying to do. Are you trying to build around Scottie Barnes? Are you going to be keeping Fred VanVleet? Are you going to resign him? And just roll with Scottie Barnes, Fred, and Pascal? And then you're going to try and just revamp this thing and come back next season bigger, better, stronger, faster with a better knowledge of who you are? And then you just try it again. Or are you like legit just like stripping this thing down? And OK, we got Pascal, we got Scottie. You trade all three of the guys that I just mentioned. And you're obviously trying to get as many picks as possible.

GERALD BOURGUET: Right. And Landry, if the Raptors were interested in Landry, I think he would be very available. Obviously, he's been injured recently. I don't feel like the Suns-- and this is something that we've seen multiple times in the past. Outside of Cam Johnson, they have not been very good with like spot up off movement shooters. Utilizing them properly. They've kind of miscast Landry as a combo guard who handles the ball a little bit. And he can do that, but like he's best flying off screens and hitting 3's. And they just don't really utilize that. I think the Raptors might be able to put that to use better because the fan base here is very low on Shamet. Because you look at his numbers, they're not as good as where he's been elsewhere in his career. But his contract is not as bad as people think. You look at it, it's very manageable salary per year. The last year I think is a team option. The third year is non-guaranteed. If the Raptors would be interested in that, I think that would work better than Jae Crowder for both sides probably.

AMIT MANN: And there's two ways to look at Landry because he is under contract for many years is that you're getting a player that's under contract for a lot of years. It's not always ideal especially when you're not sure where your direction is. But also it's a very tradable contract I think. 10 mil and the Raptors also have like a flurry of tradable contracts too. You got Chris Boucher making $12 million. Ken Burch, $6 million. Thad, $8 million.

I'm not sure what-- I'm thinking the Suns probably want to get back into win now mode. So Chris Boucher could probably help as a piece off the bench. Khem Birch hasn't seen the floor in a long, long time. Thad Young is a great leader maybe there is something that makes sense there. But that's kind of the deal. If the Raptors were just like, we want Cam Johnson, that's someone that we really like. And then tag on like a Dario Saric or a Torrey Craig because they're both expiring contracts, and just give us a picks, like they could do that. But I don't know if that's going to fulfill I guess the desire within this trade. Like OG is heavily sought after. I'm going to be talking some other people from different teams who-- yeah. Right. And I don't know if that really meets the bar at least for me. However, Cam Johnson, if the Raptors got him, I'd be pretty excited about that.

GERALD BOURGUET: And Cam is a great young player. He's one of the smartest players. Like guys talk about how intelligent he is just on and off the court. Great guy for a locker room. Great shooter obviously. There are those concerns about durability and whatnot. And I think for the Suns like they would-- I think they would be OK with trading Cam in that deal just because you look at Anunoby contract. It's one of the best bargains in the NBA for what he brings to the table. And I think with the way--

AMIT MANN: For now.

GERALD BOURGUET: For now. For now. Yeah, for now. But with the way the salary cap is going up, I think agents are very cognizant of, OK, Cam Johnson's been really good. He's going to get an offer from somebody. It might be more per year than what Anunoby's, or around that range at least.

AMIT MANN: Sure. And Cam's looked good since he got back.

GERALD BOURGUET: He has. Yeah. He had a rough night last night against the Hawks. But he's been lights out for the most part since returning.

AMIT MANN: OK. So this was pretty cool. Yeah. I don't think Mikal Bridges would be on the market. But I would love Mikal Bridges if that were to come about. DeAndre Ayton, I mean, the Raptors they've been interested. And maybe they just feel like they can make something happen with him. Maybe they feel like they could tap into his potential. And change of scenery might help him just like OG Anunoby is hoping a change of scenery-- reportedly, reportedly-- could help him.

We've got to keep in mind too that the Raptors don't have to trade OG. However, I think-- and we're going to find out next week. But if they do trade him, I think that indeed tells us that OG is looking for a change. Right. But I don't think they're going