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Prospects the Raptors should target at No. 33 in the 2022 NBA Draft

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Amit Mann is joined by NBA Draft analyst Richard Stayman to discuss prospects the Toronto Raptors shouldn't pass on if they're available at #33 in the 2022 NBA Draft. Full episode looking at potential second-round steals and more is available on the “Raptors Over Everything” podcast feed.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: So let's start really strong with this one, factoring in what you think other teams are going to do, factoring in what you think the Raptors need from a weakness perspective. Who do you think they're going to get with the 33rd pick?

RICHARD STAYMAN: I think it's Jaylin Williams from Arkansas. And not to get your hopes up but with the Jaylen Williams in Santa Clara that won the combine and solidified himself as a top 20 pick. But Jaylin Williams from Arkansas is the guy who I think he fits the bill. He's 6'10". But doesn't have super long arms, only a 7' 1" wingspan, 7' 2", something like that.

But very just strong IQ defender. Knows how to play. I think actually one of the best traits about him. He's not an above the rim rim protector, where he's not going to be blocking dunks. He's not going to be blocking a ton of shots. But he alters a ton.

And one weird little thing, you don't hear about this much, but I know this is a Toronto podcast. This will get a lot of love. But Jaylin Williams loves taking charges. I know there's a famous Raptor that loved doing that too. And in a form, that is kind of rim protection in a way because you're just taking away shots at the rim. And Jaylin Williams does that probably better than any player in this class that's 6' 10".

But on top of that, if you look at the ball skills, he has developed. He has chances to develop a one dribble attack closeout, potential to shoot, and he's a really good passer. Just jack of all trades, master of none. And I think Toronto is almost a perfect landing spot for him.

AMIT MANN: The Raptors, they just need a bit more rim protection. And is he the guy? Maybe not, but another way you can go is that do you add like a seven footer or do you add another person who is going to be able to get into your system, who's going to be able to kind of right off the get go be a fit? And he's a name that really does pop out.

Like he's got that basketball IQ on both ends of the court. He's stronger than he looks, that's for sure. And the athleticism really does pop. The drawing of the charges is one that I actually wrote down myself, because I'm like, I mean, what more do you want? You're going to see him like get out underneath the landing. And he's going to be able to take charges, just like we saw the great Kyle Lowry do once upon a time.

And he's just like a winning player. That's what kind sticks out to me. And when I think of Masai Ujiri, what he wants, I could see him looking at Jaylin Williams and having that conversation with him. And just thinking that this guy is going to do whatever it takes to win games. And it's kind of a cliche thing to talk about, but you kind of see it in his game that it's just like a pedal to the metal, whatever it takes to win games, he's going to do it.

RICHARD STAYMAN: Yeah. And there's a reason Arkansas-- I mean, they got a staff recruiting class. But I think if you asked Eric Musselman, their coach, what they would rather have, like in some regards of like one of the many top freshmen or Jaylin Williams, I think he would say Jaylin Williams.

It's nuts. Like he would be a contender for player of the year next year in the NCAA. Like he's going to breakout as a rookie pretty much. Instead of having that huge NCAA breakout, he's going to do-- just take a jump in the NBA. I think it's almost pretty certain. I mean, you look at the flashes and I think the upside is very realistic and attainable.

AMIT MANN: Do you think there's a chance that he won't be there at 33?

RICHARD STAYMAN: Well, I hope if Dallas keeps the pick, which I personally don't think they will, I would love to see him there or in Orlando at 32 if they don't take Chet. But ultimately I think those are the biggest roadblocks in getting him there. I think there's a very strong chance. And like I said, I mean, 20 through 40 is just a jumble. Like everybody's on the same tier. So of course, you asked 15 different teams there's going to be tons of different guys just at that 33 spot. There probably no two teams that have the same 33rd ranked player.

AMIT MANN: Looking at his stats, he averaged almost a double double at 10.9 points, 9.8 rebounds, 2.6 assists. Field goal percentage 46.1%. And then 3 point percentage, which I'm sure the Raptors will happily tinker with and develop, he shot 23.9% from 3. But he's willing shooter. He's not afraid to take them, which is half the battle. He's got the confidence to do it.

That's a good one. That's a very good one. But if he isn't there or if maybe they decide to go a different route, who do you think are some of the other names that the Raptors could end up taking?

RICHARD STAYMAN: Yeah, there's a high upside player. There's a couple of them I actually really like. I think one of them has become a draft darling, a draft Twitter darling. The other is somebody who everybody soured and I'll start with the high one and that's Bryce McGowens out of Nebraska. 6' 6", 6' 7", creator. A really good athlete. Has the potential to just be an all around the offensive player.

His defense, really rough, has a long ways to go. Obviously we opened this podcast with talking about the Raptors' defense. Maybe you could swing that both ways. Maybe they teach him how to play, because he's very raw, or maybe that's a fatal flaw for them and they're like, no, we don't want to touch him.

The other one is Jean Montero from the Overtime Elite. He's somebody who-- he's 19 I think. He's still very young. And he's just a good guard creator for himself and others.

AMIT MANN: Those are good ones. Let me hear what you think about some of these. So Max Christie for one.

RICHARD STAYMAN: Yeah, I liked him earlier in the year. I have begun to sour on him as I watched him more and more. I would watch him take these-- I think his shot a slow. Catch and shoot, it's like OK and he has good touch. But you look at he takes a pump fake, dribbles once, the defender is never out of the play because it takes so long to get in the motion. It's a clean shot, it's just very slow.

AMIT MANN: What about Dalen Terry?

RICHARD STAYMAN: I would probably take the swing on him because of the same reasoning I said for Jaylin Williams at that breakout that would happen in college.


RICHARD STAYMAN: He's going to have a jump in the NBA. I think the jump shot is realistic. Honestly, he almost has a lot of shades of Scottie Barnes in a way, that's 6' 7" guard. I think they would like him.

AMIT MANN: He reminds me a bit of Delon Wright, but he has potential to be a little bit better because he's got that size and the passing flashes are there. But he's willing to-- he's got his head up, he's looking around for cutters. And I think of him as like a future 15, 5, and 5 kind of player if he's able to figure out his scoring. When it comes to the combine, he was first among guards in standing reach, second among guards in wingspan. So that's kind of screaming Raptors right there.

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