Pro-gun Parkland student says CNN canceled interview over retweet

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Kyle Kashuv, a pro-gun-rights student at Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has accused CNN of canceling a scheduled interview on Wednesday, after he retweeted a story criticizing an anchor at the network. Kashuv said that he was set to appear on Brooke Baldwin’s show on the news network, but CNN had a problem with his retweeting a story that called the host a “fake news hypocrite.” “My friend just got a call from @CNN. They’re canceling my interview because I quote RTed a Tweet where @ClayTravis called @BrookeBCNN a 'fake news hypocrite' (and was quoted in the title). But don’t worry, CNN really wants to have the other side on, as long as they’re complicit."

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