Who is primed for a legendary fantasy performance in Week 10?

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don make their picks for who might deilver an epic fantasy performance in Week 10.

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MATT HARMON: It's time to see who we think will be fantasy legends for week 10 presented by the all new 2023 Toyota Sequoia. Each week, we're picking a handful of players who are matchup proof and ready to deliver an epic fantasy performance. Dalton, get us started man.

DALTON DEL DON: Justin Fields against Detroit. He was easily the top-scoring fantasy QB last week when he ran for the most yards at the position ever in a regular season game. Fields has the fourth most rushing yards in the NFL over the last month. He's on pace to finish with more than 1,100 yards on the ground this season.

He also added three scores through the air last week, when he attempted a season high 28 passes. Chase Claypool made an immediate impact. Fields, this week, gets a Lions defense allowing the third most fantasy points to quarterbacks, including the most rush attempts and the second most rush yards per game at the position. In a matchup with the Lions team allowing the most yards per play, Fields is set to deliver another epic fantasy performance this week.

MATT HARMON: Love that call. Detroit plays a ton of man coverage. We know rushing quarterbacks shred man coverage. Love that call. I'm so glad we're seeing Justin Fields fully unleashed.

Chris Olave, he's a rookie wide receiver who's been pretty much unleashed the entire season. Since week one, he has not gone under a 26% targets-per-route run rate. He's been incredible. He has been, I mean, pretty much the entire passing offense since they lost Michael Thomas. Jarvis Landry has been banged up. Him and Alvin Kamara have kind of been the only things working there. But Olave, I think, has been even a little bit more consistent than Alvin Kamara for the Saints' offense.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of six teams in the NFL that have allowed 70-plus explosive plays on the season. A lot of those have come through the air. They're tied for the most passing touchdowns allowed. They're third in terms of yards-per-attempt allowed.

Now, I'm a little nervous about Andy Dalton going against TJ Watt in potentially his debut back from an injury. But nevertheless, I think Chris Olave-- as we said at the top-- is matchup proof and a guy that you're starting with high expectations every single week.

DALTON DEL DON: Let's get Andy Dalton out of prime time. That may help.


DALTON DEL DON: My next pick is Josh Jacobs home against the Colts. The Raiders are winless on the road this season but have performed much better at home, where Jacobs has average 137 yards-from-scrimmage. And scored five of his six touchdowns in two fewer games.

He actually didn't play a single snap on third down last week. Ameer Abdullah took over. But Jacobs did still record three catches. Losing the passing down role would definitely not be ideal for Jacobs. But it shouldn't matter too much this week, with Las Vegas near touchdown favorites.

Listen, the Colts are in a tough spot this week having just fired their offensive coordinator and head coach. Making Jeff Saturday, the first coach with no prior experience in more than 60 years. The Raiders I think they're going to bring their A-game this week after blowing their third 17 to 0 lead last week.

And opponents have the fourth highest run rate when facing the Colts this season. Jacobs leads the league in avoided tackle rate. And he's primed for an epic fantasy performance this week.

MATT HARMON: My last guy here, Antonio Gibson. The target share with Taylor Heinicke this year for Washington pass catchers. We know that Terry McLaurin is up there at the top at 28.4%. Curtis Samuel he's fallen down since Taylor Heinicke has taken over, which-- I mean, I love Curtis Samuel but it's probably right that Terry McLaurin is up there at 18%.

But Antonio Gibson's third on the team at 15.9% in terms of the target share with Taylor Heinicke. I know it didn't pop off last week in terms of Antonio Gibson and Brian Robinson in the running game, but it was a weird game. Strange script. Heinicke throwing some interceptions, stuff like that.

But the Eagles are 31st in rushing success rate allowed. They're third in passing success rate allowed. So they're a bit of a funnel defense there. So I think Antonio Gibson can get you some big plays on the ground. I think he can get you some big plays through the air as well because if JD McKissic misses another game, we know Gibson will be the primary receiving back. And he's pretty much been that guy even with McKissic, when he's played with Taylor Heinicke.

So those are our guys for this week. Dalton, appreciate you, man. The all new 2023 Toyota Sequoia inspires drivers to live legendary. Check out the fully redesigned SUV at your local dealer or learn more at toyota.com.