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Posted Up - Is the Warriors-Nuggets series already over?

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In the latest episode of the Yahoo Sports podcast, senior NBA insider Chris Haynes & senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill look at the Denver Nuggets first round matchup with the Golden State Warriors, and discuss if the Nuggets can even win a game against the Dubs. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: So Golden State's up 2-0.


CHRIS HAYNES: Golden State has discovered a new lethal lineup now that Jordan Poole is looking like a maxed player. He's their most consistent player. He's definitely their most consistent player since the start of the calendar year.

Denver, I don't know if anything changes in Denver, maybe it does. But a lot of frustration, Joker getting ejected. DeMarcus Cousins got ejected in the first game. DeMarcus Cousins and Will Barton, two of my good guys in the league, go at it on the bench. Just frustration. And is this a sweep, or is this a five-game-- is this ending in five? Can Denver get one?

VINCENT GOODWILL: Maybe they can get one. I'm gonna segue.

I did have an MVP vote this year. And I didn't vote for Nikola Jokic. Why didn't I vote for Nikola Jokic? For reasons other than his own performance. I can't vote for a player-- for me, Chris, couldn't vote for a player on a team that is not of consequence.

CHRIS HAYNES: I hear you.

VINCENT GOODWILL: It's not your fault. But the history of this award and to be a back-to-back winner, you're going to be knocked out in the first round again? And for Jokic, it's no fault of his own, but he does get frustrated easy. You know what I mean?

Draymond Green has real estate in his head. And that's the beauty of a championship team like Golden State, where Draymond may not play as hard through the regular season. But when you see games like this, Chris, you're like, OK, this is the Draymond Green that's coming out and telling me-- he told me a couple of weeks ago, oh, yeah, the fear factor is back. Teams don't want to see us.

I'm like, oh, OK. I get it now. And now Steph is back. And Klay doesn't look like himself, but he's still shooting well. Jordan Poole has been, like you said, their most consistent player. Steph is finding his shot. Chris, does anybody want to see Golden State in round two? Memphis, you know what I mean?

CHRIS HAYNES: Nuh-uh. No, they're arguably the most scariest team in the Western Conference right now, because you don't know. They still haven't tapped into their full potential. Steph, still trying to work his way back from that injury. So I mean, Steph is looking-- he's looking great.

VINCENT GOODWILL: Chris, how come Golden State manages to get away with this? And I don't mean in a bad way, because I like it. I'm consistent when I say this. When Steph is out there shimmying and telling people, I'm [BLEEP]-ing back and all that, how come if it was other people saying that, we'd be-- you're not supposed to do that, da, da, da, the unwritten rules of the game.

But when Steph shimmies, he's so cuddly and cute and all that. And we just forget all these unwritten rules that we're not supposed to have, because Golden State can manage to get away with it.

Now, mind you, I like it. I like the colorfulness. I like some character in my basketball. I don't need it plain. You know what I mean? But it seems like people give Golden State a little bit of a pass when they do that stuff compared to other teams. You know what I mean? Have you noticed that? Maybe it's a little less now. Maybe it's a little less now.

CHRIS HAYNES: You lost me on that one. I'm trying to think, who gets criticized for doing some celebratory antics?

VINCENT GOODWILL: I feel like it was more a few years-- I felt like when Miami was doing it and dancing on everybody, when LeBron was in Miami and they would just steal on everybody, you know what I mean?

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, yeah. I haven't seen it.

VINCENT GOODWILL: You might be right. Maybe it's just been accepted in the culture.

CHRIS HAYNES: I don't like everybody doing it. And I mean with everybody doing it, I'm like, there's dudes doing it that hit one 3 and 1 basket a game, and then they're doing a shooting arrow or they're doing a 3. You know what I mean?


CHRIS HAYNES: Those antics are usually for the star players, because it's like, OK, if you want to shut them up, then stop them. That's why I have to applaud my guy Will Barton. Will Barton, after game two was asked, hey, did you feel like the Warriors over there showed you guys up because they were dancing, shimmying, doing all those things? He's like, no, we got to win to shut them up. They got to lose, we got to win. I love it.


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