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Posted Up - Jalen Rose on MJ vs. LeBron debate: ‘LeBron hasn’t been able to 3-peat’

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The ESPN NBA analyst, New York Post columnist, entrepreneur (and more!) joins the “Posted Up with Chris Haynes” podcast to discuss his transition to the broadcasting world, the MJ/LeBron GOAT debate, the hardest part of covering the NBA and Verzuz battles. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: I'm here, Jalen Rose here on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast here on Yahoo Sports. Jay, what is the hardest part now? What is the hardest aspect about your profession?

JALEN ROSE: I think the hardest part of the profession, and I'm really fortunate that-- like, I have a few players right now that when they see me, they're upset about something I said about them, and they feel like they don't want to speak to me, right? But that's only, like, less than 5%.

I think the toughest part of this job is for the people that you cover not to take it personally.

But then the other thing I started to do, and I make sure, this is really important to me, is my personal relationships with people, you truly wouldn't know when I covered them. And LeBron was a perfect example of that, because people were like, you hate on LeBron! You don't give LeBron his love! And I'm like, y'all don't know. Like that's my man.


JALEN ROSE: You know what I mean? Like, oh, got it. Y'all think I'm hating because I say he's not better than Michael Jordan. You know what I'm saying?

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, you get that.

JALEN ROSE: And I have to say this. Youngsters, y'all using hating and snitching wrong. Just because I disagree with you, that don't mean I'm hating.

CHRIS HAYNES: That's right, break it down, Jay.

JALEN ROSE: Right. Just because I disagree with you, that don't mean I'm hating.

CHRIS HAYNES: That's not hating. And how was it hating when you're calling somebody-- like I feel like Jordan's still number one, and LeBron to me is number two. And you cannot call me, hey, how can you be hating when you're calling somebody the second best player ever? Like, how is that hating?

JALEN ROSE: Correct. Here's the mic drop. LeBron hasn't been able to three-peat. MJ did it two separate times. In MJ's era, and I played against MJ and LeBron, you ain't getting no rings in that six-year window. Nobody was getting rings.

You look around the league right now, and LeBron, I agree with you, definitely deserves consideration for that conversation, and again, that's my man. But they're going to edit me saying that part and they're going to just show me saying this part.

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, we might. We might. We might. No, I'm just playing.

JALEN ROSE: But I'm going to go ahead and say it.

CHRIS HAYNES: I was playing.

JALEN ROSE: Here was Lebron's chance to pass MJ, for like, true non-biased basketball historians. If he would have stayed at Miami and they would have actually did not five, not six, not seven. That was his chance to do it. If that would have went down like that,

CHRIS HAYNES: I still think people would have diminished it just because of the super team that was created from it. But I hear you though.

JALEN ROSE: But the avalanche would have been so strong you would have had to fall back. Like if they would have won like, four in six years, or something like that. They won two in four years. You know, they didn't really do what they set out to do.

And so he needed to go to Cleveland to raise one for a city, his hometown, his home state. But also reinvent himself.

You know the hardest thing to do and people's like, to build a new situation. No. The hardest thing to do is to stay. That's the hardest thing.


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