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Posted Up - Bradley Beal on All-Star & All-NBA team process: 'I hate it determines this money'

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  • Washington Wizards
    Washington Wizards
  • Bradley Beal
    Bradley Beal
    American basketball player

The 3-time NBA All-Star and 2020-21 All-NBA player joined the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast to share his thoughts on the league’s process of selecting both teams and its impact on player contracts. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: When it's all NBA time, voting time. And there's a lot of money tied in to-- there's a lot of money-- there's a lot of money tied into who makes these all NBA teams mad. You've been-- been what--


CHRIS HAYNES: B, Let me get the question. B, what's up, man?

BRADLEY BEAL: Go ahead. Go ahead.

CHRIS HAYNES: Oh, man. Look, bro. You bet, you know, this is-- this is a part where I have my opinions on it, just the process about it. Take me through your thought process on how this plays out. I personally don't like that myself or my peers are the ones that dictate who gets these millions and millions, right? That's tough. That's tough. You know, I get calls from-- you know, I get calls later on and towards the end of the season where--

BRADLEY BEAL: Hey, boy you-- say what's going on, man, that cost me saying.

CHRIS HAYNES: Hey, I'm only one voter. I'm only one voter. Come on. I only do so much. But B, what-- do you have a problem with the process-- I mean, the system the way it is? And if you do, what can we do to change that?

BRADLEY BEAL: It is tough, man, because when you're voting for-- it's tough for all-star and all NBA. They're definitely two different groups rank. But in ways they're similar because they're the same caliber players, right? And it's tough when we're talking $60 to $70 million, right? That's-- that's great that we make a lot of money. We already make life-changing money. We all can retire hopefully. . We all take care of our stuff we'll be all right. But that 60 and 70, you're not getting it back.


BRADLEY BEAL: I'm not mad that you and your peers have a vote. But I do hate the criteria of it that you got his vote accumulates for whether or not somebody misses out on their money. Like, I think it should be the players that decide that. Us as players, we know on the night like oh, no he-- he's one of them.

CHRIS HAYNES: But would the players do it right, B? Because I've seen--

BRADLEY BEAL: You know what, I don't know if anybody would do it right?

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah. Because I see votes for players that don't even sniff the court and they're getting all-star votes and all that stuff.

BRADLEY BEAL: Yeah, no--

CHRIS HAYNES: That's my players.

BRADLEY BEAL: I feel you on that too, so like I don't-- I don't really know if anybody will do it right. What the criteria should be, I have no idea.

CHRIS HAYNES: You feel like we do-- do you feel like-- do you feel like we do a--

BRADLEY BEAL: I think you guys are fair. I think, you guys-- I think I'll be close. You might miss one or two. It ain't-- it ain't really be-- it ain't going to be, like, it won't be outlandish.


BRADLEY BEAL: It may be one-- it may be one or two. It's always going to be one or two people who are going to be frustrated or think it should go the other way.

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