Photo & autograph etiquette with Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher will almost always stop and take photos or sign autographs for fans if he's approached off the court. However, there are a few no-no's in Boucher's eyes that could get you denied by the Canadian NBAer. Listen to the full episode on the 'Hustle Play' podcast feed or watch on our Yahoo Sports Canada YouTube.

Video Transcript

- For all your superfans out there, what message would you have for them because you got some superfans out there?

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CHRIS BOUCHER: I love them all, man. To be honest with you, like, when they see me in public and all that, rarely, I don't say that, man. Like, I rarely just say I don't want to take a picture. And honestly, like, now, it's becoming crazy. Like, now, it's like, OK, I can't go anywhere. But rarely I say no. So obviously they see-- they see that I love them and that I try to respond to some of them sometimes and all. But--

- You like it though or can they be annoying or-- you seem like the kind of guy who doesn't mind.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, I mean, if I told-- if it's like, hey, hey, if I have headphones, don't do that. Don't do that.

- Oh, OK.

CHRIS BOUCHER: You know what I'm saying? Like, if I got headphones, I'm probably vibing right now. Just don't do it.

- Yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: But if you see that I'm just chilling somewhere and I've been here for like five minutes, you might get your chance, you know? But that's it. Like I said, I don't have no problem with anybody. Or if you yell. If you yell, you're gone. You lost me. You can't do that.

- Listen, man, on behalf of myself and all the Toronto Raptors fans, we want to say congrats--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Thanks, man.

- --on a very good season.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Thanks, man.

- A lot of people are worried or worry because you played very well this season and we know that the interest is going to be there for you, right? So a lot of people are really hoping you return to the TIDAL. But we got to wait and see what happens.


- OK? We've got to wait and see what happens. But my guy, CB, I appreciate you, my brother.