Pat Sajak shocked by amazing guess on 'Wheel of Fortune': 'This game makes no sense'

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Wheel of Fortune contestant Jessie Rebhan had quite the daunting task ahead of her to solve Thursday night's bonus puzzle. The middle-school teacher from Palmetto Bay, Florida only had 4 of the 13 letters in the 3-word puzzle, but somehow managed to solve it.

The puzzle category was "What are you doing?" Jessie added P-C-D-O to the standard given R-S-T-L-N-E, resulting in the puzzle _ _ _ _ N_ _ _ _ _CER.

Pat Sajak immediately felt bad for Jessie, saying, "It looks daunting to me, but you know, you have ten seconds...Good luck."

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Jessie ended up only needing half her time as she correctly guessed "BUYING A JUICER" almost immediately.

Pat was shocked by her correct response, saying, "I don't understand this game! It makes no [sense]!" Fans at home were equally as shocked, with many taking to Twitter to comment.

Winning the bonus puzzle added $37,000 to her regular game winnings, for a total of $52,328. And while that in and of itself is impressive, fans were also impressed by the fact her husband's name is Gator. And it didn't go unnoticed that Gator wore a Lacoste shirt with an alligator/crocodile logo.

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