Pat Bev and Westbrook want rings if the Lakers win a title … but should they? I No Cap Room

Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine take on championship ring etiquette, after Patrick Beverley said he and former Lakers teammate Russell Westbrook want a ring if L.A. wins a title this season. Hear the full conversation on the Ball Don't Lie podcast network - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

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JAKE FISCHER: Patrick Beverley, both he and Russell Westbrook, these two veterans who have been around the block, who have made plenty a postseason wave without achieving a championship, they both apparently, according to Patrick Beverley after seeing Russell Westbrook in a gym, they both apparently want a championship ring if the Lakers-- that I am doubting their championship ability still-- are able to hoist that Larry O'Brien come June, whatever. They want their rings. I don't know. It's a questionable take to me. Would you want a ring if you were one of those two guys?

DAN DEVINE: I think we maybe would have been trained to expect the other way, right? If I wasn't there on the court or in the practices all the way through, then I didn't earn it. I don't deserve it, and I'm not going to take it. Honor and nobility is wonderful, but if you don't have a championship ring, it sure seems like it'd be pretty fricking cool to get one. They're the size of your head, and they're encrusted in diamonds and jewels.

And also, the teams that win the championship give out hundreds of rings to everybody. If Patrick Beverley spent half the season there, if Russell Westbrook spent half the season there and, not for nothing, if trading those guys away got you the rotation that provides you with the championship, that's got to be worth something. And I imagine it'd be worth like a $3 or $4 million gold and diamond ring.

JAKE FISCHER: I see your point on wanting the ring. I just call bull-- [BLEEP]. Bleep me, John Genaro. I don't give a damn. Bull [BLEEP]. Especially because they just trounced the Lakers verbally and kind of gave them the middle finger on the way out. They gave them the Jimmy Butler to the MSG crowd. You guys didn't deserve me. How about that? Now you want the ring? I don't know.

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