Pascal Siakam revels in his rebounding performance vs. Clippers

Raptors star forward Pascal Siakam matched his career high with 19 rebounds against the Clippers. That, coupled with his team’s win, was enough to close out the year on a good note.

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- Let's go. Happy New Year.

PASCAL SIAKAM: Happy New Year.

- Almost.

PASCAL SIAKAM: I know, almost made it.

- Did it feel good to have some company up there, look around see Fred, see OG, and see Khem, some familiar faces?

PASCAL SIAKAM: Yeah, no, for sure. It's all good. I miss those guys out there. And I think, you know, obviously, we haven't had the opportunity to be all together out there. Obviously, we missed Scotty tonight. But yeah, we should just continue to work trying to get everybody out there, and it felt good tonight to have, you know, obviously, most of everyone like out there. And just seeing how we can play together.

- You had some good success with Freddy doing some pick and roll stuff in the fourth quarter, kind of two man game. Was that what was working with you guys in that combo?

PASCAL SIAKAM: Yeah. I think, you know, obviously, the switching team and I feel like I have the advantage, you know, every time we switch, so just try to exploit those match ups and obviously Freddie also, if a bigger guy gets on him, and he can drive him and do different things. So I think we just have the advantage on both sides. And you just want to move the defense. And it worked tonight, and we just kept running it.

- Exactly. The conditioning last time, coming back from it. How did it feel tonight?

PASCAL SIAKAM: I felt good, felt good. Got tired a little bit out there, but you know, I felt like, you know, I kept going and I think as we went on to the game, you know, I got more and more energy. And just, just finding ways to be effective, you know, without necessarily scoring, you know. Just trying to do everything that I can. I was talking to Nate today and I mean, he's been on me about rebounding, so like every time, you know, telling me to crash. And we watch for him every time. So it felt nice to have a little bit more rebounds out there.


PASCAL SIAKAM: Yeah, I know, it's crazy. It's crazy. It's not my career.

- Got one below.

PASCAL SIAKAM: Oh, for real? I had 20 rebounds before? That's crazy. I didn't even know that, but.

- Wait, I have you as 18. Is it 20?

PASCAL SIAKAM: I have 19. Tight. I need one more, huh. But no, it felt good, just, you know, obviously. I think we were making shots and it was just like, you know, like, we got to find ways to get extra possessions. And I was just out there, but yeah. Like, I think just doing everything that I can really to help, and you know, I was really mad at myself for missing easy, you know, bunnies out there, but just continue to stay with it.


- I have one question for you in French. Go ahead, Cedric.





- Thank you.

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